Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Motorola KRZR: Pretty, But Practical?

One of the latest cell phones to come out from Motorola is the KRZR, a slimmer, sleeker version of the Razr, with an emphasis on style and portability. But does the KRZR have the horsepower to go with its pretty face? Here are some details.

Look and Feel

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The primary selling point of the KRZR is its size, which, admittedly, is tiny. The KRZR is one of the smallest phones on the market right now, and, at just over half an inch thick, it's not a phone for someone who loses things easily. The KRZR is a little longer than your average phone, but much slimmer -- thinner than a deck of cards. The tiny form factor ensures it won't take up much space in your pocket, but you might want to consider purchasing a slipcase for it if you don't want it to disappear entirely.

In addition to its size, the KRZR's appeal also lies in its slick design. The KRZR is a phone designed to look good, with a slick metallic finish and sleek lines. It's a good-looking phone, if you're into that sort of thing, and makes a nifty showpiece. If you have friends who love to coo over the latest gadgets, the KRZR will probably make them sufficiently jealous.


The features of the KRZR depend largely on what carrier you have. Currently, the KRZR is out for Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, Alltel and U.S. Cellular, with a KRZR for T-Mobile supposedly coming soon. Because the features vary by carrier, you may want to do a little research before deciding if the KRZR is right for you (if a 2.0 MP camera is important to you, for example, it should be noted that the Cingular model is the only KRZR that has one -- the others check in at 1.3 MP).

Generally speaking, the Sprint and Verizon editions of the KRZR are generally the most loaded, with the Cingular model coming in third. The Sprint and Verizon models benefit from the more advanced features those carriers offer; both offer GPS capabilities, TV-on-demand, and music store downloads, although extra fees almost certainly apply in both cases.

Beyond that, however, the KRZR's features are generally uniform for every carrier. The KRZR comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera (except, once again, the Cingular's 2.0 MP camera) and an onboard music player. Sprint's music player has slightly broader support than the other models; where all other versions of the KRZR support MP3 playback, the Sprint KRZR also plays AAC and AAC+ formats. Each model has touch-sensitive controls on the outside, so you can listen to music without having to keep your phone open.

In addition, all of the KRZR models feature wireless Bluetooth support, meaning they'll work with the latest Bluetooth accessories, and most come with expandable microSD memory. Ringtones, games and other features will, of course, vary by carrier, and if you're a T-Mobile customer, unfortunately, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer to find out what the KRZR has to offer.

Final Notes

The one major drawback to the KRZR is its price tag, which some might find a little steep. However, this doesn't have to be a problem, if you do a little homework and find a good deal online. Many online carriers offer a KRZR for free if you sign up with a wireless plan. That's an easy way to get around the price tag if there ever was one.

The KRZR is definitely not your basic ride, and may not be for everyone. But if you want a phone that does everything you want, and looks good enough to show off in the bargain, the KRZR is very much worth looking into.

The Motorola KRZR: Pretty, But Practical?

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best 2011 BlackBerrys From Sprint

Sprint currently has three BlackBerry models available in the US - the Bold 9650, the Curve 9330 and the Style. The arrival of the much-anticipated 4G-touch screen Bold 9900 will be available later this year. Sprint has made no announcements confirming the launch of the 9900, however, it is expected to be around September. For now the Bold 9650 is the premier BlackBerry from Sprint, with the Curve 9330 being a good watered down version to the Bold, and is available for half the price. The Style breaks BlackBerry's well-known candy bar style design phones with this compact clam-shell style flip phone.

Sprint is the only US network to offer the Style (available in black and purple). This innovative phone is the first BlackBerry to sport a full QWERTY keyboard on a clam-shell design phone. As can be expected by such a compact phone, the keys are a little cramped and not raised as much as the Bold and Curve. This makes it harder to type; however, with a little practice you will feel at home on this keyboard. The Style is designed as an entry-level phone, however, it appeals to wide range of users.

Sprint Store

The Bold is Sprint's premier BlackBerry with the Curve being a popular second choice as it is very similar to the Bold in many respects and is slightly cheaper. Both these phones are well suited to the corporate sect due to the robust design, strong security features and Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). BES is a popular secure corporate system to synchronize your work emails, contacts, calendar, etc. The popular full QWERTY keyboard that makes messaging and emailing quick and easy is possibly the most defining feature of the Bold and Curve. In addition, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for many people is the reason they will never get anything except a BlackBerry. This free instant messaging tool makes staying in touch with friends around the globe quick and easy. As a result BlackBerry has captured a large portion of both the youthful and corporate sectors.

The Bold 9650 is simplistic and effective. Call quality is high with good clarity and little background noise interference. In addition, you can expect the battery to last you 6.5 hours of talk time and 13 days of standby time. If multimedia aspects such as web browsing, apps, camera and music are a focus point for you then you should have a look at the 4G Android phones such as the HTC EVO 4G. Though, don't expect your battery to last more than a day with the 4G Androids as the larger screen, apps and 4G connectivity drains the battery on these phones in record time. The Bold is effectively an upgrade of the Tour with twice the built in memory, WiFi, and the more reliable touch-pad. The other features are unchanged such as; 528 MHz processor, 2.4-inch screen (360 x 480 pixels), 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.56 inches (HWD), world phone roaming options as it runs on both CDMA and GSM networks, amongst other standard features.

The net result is the Bold is your best bet if you are looking for a reliable, robust workhorse. The Curve is similar in many respects though might 'freeze' occasionally under pressure. However, for the reduced price and similar features it is a good choice. The Style is an interesting compact phone that is a little different to the regular BlackBerry designs with the clam-shell design. This Makes the Style an interesting, well-designed compact phone.

Best 2011 BlackBerrys From Sprint

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tone Your Stomach Fast - How To Guide

How to tone your stomach fast is something you can do WITHOUT the endless torture of crunches and sit-ups. Asian women have gotten their slim tummies for centuries by following a few basic principles that anyone can do to tone their stomach fast and today we're going to take a look at some of their favorites!

Tone Your Stomach Fast - How To Guide

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Sometimes it just seems like everything is against you when it comes to weight loss. Many of the clients in my Skinny Asian Diet program have done dozens of different diets and fitness routines that had them almost achieve their goal besides being able to tone their stomach. It's the last piece of the hot body puzzle!

There are a few different things you can do to specifically target belly fat to reduce that muffin top you may have and fit into your favorite skinny jeans.

First, I want you to go easy on the salt. Salt has several detrimental effects on both our health and our weight, the main one being of course how it forces our body to retain water, particularly in our belly region.

Did you know that for every ounce of salt you eat it will make your body retain up to ten times its own weight in water?

Amazing I know, and proof of just how much a problem salt is when it comes to weight loss. It also causes a variety of other issues like high blood pressure and hypertension, neither of which does us any favors when it comes to having a healthy long life. Cut out the salt as much as you can, I always recommend lemon juice as an alternative if you need that salty taste.

A Unique Workout Routine

Another thing you can do to tone up your stomach fast is to add some interval training to whatever workout you're doing currently.

"Interval training" is a fancy way of describing a program that has you go at a high speed or with high effort say on a stationary bike, for 45-60 seconds straight, followed by a 45-60 second rest period in which you're just cruising.

You'll only have to do around 10-15 total cycles of this routine when doing interval training, so your program would look like the following:

Sprint = 45-60 seconds

Cruise = 45-60 seconds

Sprint = 45-60 seconds

Cruise = 45-60 seconds

***continue for 10-15 total sprint/cruise cycles, where you're counting every sprint.)

Interval training is key to getting tough stomach fat off of our body as it ramps up the metabolism to extremely high levels and forces that fat out for a toned stomach.

Pretty much everyone I talk with these days is sick of the latest diet programs, where you're either STARVING or trying to live through BRUTAL workouts to drop weight.

Tone Your Stomach Fast - How To Guide

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hill Sprint Training to Lose Weight Fast

I've always been someone who hates wasting time, and that's just what I was doing when I was training as a boxer as a kid. Running 10 miles a day nearly drove me to insanity and to add insult upon injury I wasn't losing the weight I needed to lose. I wanted to lose fat but also wanted to cut my training time in half. So I decided to run some hills at the suggestion of my track coach.

I wanted to shorten my workouts and still get the same benefits or better. I tried experimenting with sprint work and interval training which worked wonders but a track coach at my school suggested I incorporate Hills into my workout. You're probably not familiar with Ridgefield, NJ or Ridgefield Memorial High School but it sits at the foot of a beautiful winding hill called "Major Stocum Drive". This hill would become my unrelenting nemesis for years to come. The more I trained on it the more it would mock me. I had been running everyday at least 10 miles a day on average and one set of "Interval Hills" kicked my ass. My legs felt like they were going to explode, my lungs where no longer inside my chest cavity (or so I thought) and I think my heart escaped while I was puking.

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Although I did a bunch of strength related exercises at the gym such as squats, leg presses, leg extensions and curls I never felt the power that I was able to get from contracting my muscles against gravity in a sustained fashion. What seemed magical was with this Hill Training I was able to take some time off and still not lose my fitness gains and it helped to make my tendons and ligaments stronger as well. The side effect of this intense training was an extreme drop in body fat. With the increased workload in shorter spurts I was actually expended more calories than during my many hours of running. As I later found out my body had adapted to the sustained repetitive workload of the running and became efficient at using the energy required to propel me on my journey. Hill Training created "chaos" in my energy systems and the increased workload expended more calories. It was totally win-win.

Some workouts that I did to incorporate Hill Training into my program:

Interval Hills: It seems like simple physiology but really kicks your butt. Warm up for about six - eight minutes either on a bike or take a short jog before you hit the hills. Try a small degree incline at first and gradually make your way to a steeper one. Each hill climb interval should be minimum 45 seconds in length. Stop at 45 turn around and make your way back down the hill walking. Rest about 30 or so seconds and run that hill again. Keep doing it until you feel like puking...or you puke.

Treadmill Hills: In the unfortunate circumstance that you live in a place like Indiana where I think the only hills you will encounter are speed bumps than you may have to resort to using a treadmill. Warm-up for six to eight minutes. When you're sufficiently warmed up set the grade of incline at between 10 and 15 degrees. Run at 45 second bursts on the incline and lower for 90 seconds and increase the incline. Repeat until your body tells you to stop.

Downhill Training: Most individuals place emphasis on the uphill workouts for power and strength but Downhill Training helps to build stability at the knee and hip joints. Just the act of keeping your balance while running down a hill will place great demands on your legs. This also increases stress on your lower quads and calf muscles (specifically, the gastrocnemius).

You don't want to sprint down the hill but run with the natural pace of the hill. Your strides should always be smooth and not choppy (as if you were braking with your feet). Braking can cause impact injuries to your quads and knee joints. Walk up the hill for about 100 or so yards turn around and run down the hill. Walk back up and repeat this 5 times. Increase as you see fit. Downhill training should be done once a week.

Overloading your body with this type of exercise places great demands on your energy and fat stores which in turn burns more fat and calories. Add this training into your workout when you have the need to cut your body fat exponentially. Until next time, Attitude is everything.

Hill Sprint Training to Lose Weight Fast

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

GSM Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 Coming to American Customers

The first Novatel Wireless MiFi compatible with GSM networks was made available in Europe through Telefonica Espana in June, 2009. Americans can also expect to see a GSM MiFi available in stores soon.

The FCC recently cleared a new device by Novatel Wireless--the MiFi 2372--to run on GSM networks over the 850/1900Mhz bands. Since the 2372 is the first MiFi cleared to run on GSM networks in America, it's reasonable to conclude that an American cellular provider running a GSM network--such as AT&T Wireless or T-Mobile--has plans to incorporate the MiFi 2372 into its line of products.

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The only MiFi available in the American marketplace is the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200, released in May of 2009. The MiFi 2200 can only connect to CDMA networks--which means the device is available through either the Verizon or Sprint cellular networks in America. Being a CDMA device, the MiFi is tethered to one of those networks, so the user cannot transfer their MiFi for use on another cellular provider's network.

Other American cellular providers, like AT&T or T-Mobile run GSM networks rather than CDMA. One of the benefits of GSM is the capability of easily swapping hardware between cellular providers. On a GSM device, a SIM card, located inside the device, is programmed with a cellular provider's identifying data. By changing a device's SIM card, you can change the network the device connects to. Since the GSM standard dominates the global cellular marketplace (providing approximately 80% of global cellular coverage), one doesn't need to worry about connectivity issues. With a GSM MiFi, you can buy a local carrier's SIM card while in a place far from home, which would give a connection to a local cellular provider, and, thus, a quality wireless Internet connection with the MiFi.

So you can see why the MiFi 2372 is great news for those travelers who have been craving the super-mobile MiFi, but are reluctant to be tethered to either Verizon or Sprint. I personally hope that with the release of a GSM MiFi in America, and with one or two more cellular providers carrying the MiFi, there will be increased competition between the cellular providers for MiFi users, consequently causing monthly data rates to fall.

Be excited, but stay patient! Those who have wanted a MiFi but have waited for a version more compatible with cellular networks overseas will probably soon be able to get what they've been waiting for--the MiFi 2372!

GSM Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 Coming to American Customers

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Losing the Baby Fat - The Skinny on How Celebrities Do It!

You can't flip a channel or a magazine page without seeing some celebrity Mom in the latest designer dress looking skinnier than she did when she had her baby. How are they losing the baby fat so fast? Well many of us forget that these skinny girls of the silver screen have the help of professional trainers, chefs and nutritionists. You don't need ten assistants to lose ten pounds because right here you can learn the tricks of the trade!

Professional Trainers:

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One of the best parts about training with a professional is the fact that they 'mix it up'. Trainers do this by making sure your body doesn't get used to the grueling grind. They set up a routine that uses free weights, interval cardio and resistance training.

Using free weights you are sculpting the flabby arms with the overhead press and bicep and tricep curls. Plus when you're done exercising your body will be rebuilding and repairing your muscles, burning more calories for you all day.

Resistance Training allows you to use all kinds of tools to tone and strengthen your body by practicing muscle contraction. For instance, using rubber exercise tubing will allow you to increase your strength while decreasing your weight and help with losing the baby fat.

Cardio interval programs help to strengthen your heart while escalating your endurance. Instead of running on a treadmill for hours professional trainers will try and mix it up. You can start with an easy trot then change it to a quick sprint while slowing down to a jog again. Using a pyramid method like this by increasing your sprint speed or intensity each workout session can be done as well to help lose the pregnancy weight.

Personal Chef:

Having a skilled chef in the kitchen may take the heat off you but it isn't necessary. Losing the baby fat won't be hard once you schedule in your six smaller meals each day instead of starving yourself and eating all your food at dinner. It's important to keep pecking on healthy foods all day like a handful of almonds or a bowl of blueberries.

If you find cooking hearty meals the hardest part, then plan out your week. Buy groceries just for your week and try to shop the perimeter of the store where all the fresh foods are found. In this way you are avoiding all the packaged products and end up staying with vegetables, meats and dairy.

Losing the baby fat isn't just for the rich and famous. Movie mommies might be shedding the pounds by running away from shutterbugs but you can burn the baby fat too. Just follow these simple tips and remember to have fun with it.

Losing the Baby Fat - The Skinny on How Celebrities Do It!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Trikke Race - How to Plan an Amazing Trikke Race Event in Your Community For Fun Or Fundraising

Ready...Get set... Bang!!! And off they go, speeding down the track at the local high school on their three-wheeled vehicles. What awes the silently captivated audience is the fact that the riders are propelling their unique vehicles without the aid of pushing or pedals, only the rhythmically graceful movements of their bodies. Imagine the scene when you stage a Trikke Race Event in your neighborhood or community for the first time.

Races have been staged since time immemorial for various reasons, including fund-raising, promoting awareness, and the like, but the most common universal motive is just plain ol'  fun - both the exhilaration of the race for the racers and the excitement of watching them competitively fighting to pass one another for the spectators.

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Though originally developed as an outdoor recreational human powered transport vehicle, the Trikke scooter is geared nevertheless for speed. Like other fast vehicles, both motorized and human powered, the Trikke can be raced in competition, from distance or endurance races to sprints to hill climbs.

Regardless of the type of race you choose or the reason behind the Trikke Race, be aware that to have a successful Trikke Race Event, though the race itself is adrenaline-pumping excitement and barrels of fun, organized planning is the most critical part of your Trikke Race Event

Your first job in planning a Trikke Race Event is selecting the time and place for the race Since wet weather conditions prohibit Trikke-ing for safety reasons, usually the best time for your outdoor Trikke Racing Event would be during the summer when the likelihood of rain is the least. If the Trikke Race is coordinated to support a charity or awareness program, timing your event during the charity's awareness day or month will ensure the community recognizes and supports your project.

Selecting the location for your Maximum Quantities of Fun Trikke Race Event depends on what type of race you want to stage. Sprints will require a smaller area with flat smooth pavement. On the other hand, Trikke distance races are better served on large, wide areas like your shaded residential streets and back streets, or even local wilderness trails.

You must personally check all potential suitable locations and avoid dangerous spots along the Trikke Race trail in your final course. Don't forget to place warning signs for the unavoidable ones.

Be sure to obtain an authorization from the appropriate authorities in order to use the area, and request your law enforcement agencies to establish roadblocks, traffic barricades, and address crowd control and other security issues on your specified Trikke Race Event date.

Planning any event requires great workers and access to community resources. You will never seem to run out of things to do; so you must learn to delegate tasks to others. To do this, you must first find volunteers who are willing to help with different aspects of the Trikke Race Event including registration process, aid stations, traffic patrolling and clean up along the course, as well as awards distribution. These volunteers should be easily identified by donning a special uniform. Getting matching Trikke Race Event tee-shirts made for your volunteers is an easy way to visually coordinate them. Volunteers can stay in contact with walkie-talkies to relay any issues which crop up before, during and after your Trikke Race Event.

As in any sport, accidents can happen in Trikke-ing. You have to prepare for the worst scenario. It is advisable to obtain insurance coverage for your event. Furthermore, you should notify your local hospital about the upcoming event and if possible, have them send a medical team and/or ambulance to the site for any illness or accidents that occur.

Once all the requirements have been written down, it is time to plan a budget for your Trikke Race Event. You will need money for administrative costs, advertising (website, flyers, posters, race results booklets, etc.), banners for the start and finish, megaphone, digital clock for the finish line, bib numbers for participants, safety pins, food and beverages for the refreshment area and finish area, paint for marking the course, trash cans, awards for the participants, and thank you gifts for volunteers.

You can personally shoulder all these expenses, find sponsors or set a registration fee. You can also find local food vendors that will pay a fee to be able to set up their food cart to sell refreshments to the attendees.

In finding your Trikke Race Event sponsors, it is best to approach them personally and explain the purpose of your race. Any local businesses are great, but start with those associated with athletics or sporting goods stores, as they are especially good ones to contact for sponsorship. Developing a good relationship with your sponsors from the start allows you to continue to work with them year after year if you decide that you want to make your Trikke Race an annual Trikke event.

The key for a successful Trikke Race Event is advertising. People need to know about the race so participants will sign up. The earlier you start promoting your local Trikke Race, the better. Allowing people to sign up as early as possible to participate in the Trikke Race Event gets them committed to your success.

There are many ways to let your community know about your Trikke Race Event. You can and should utilize the mass media, i.e. local television or radio station or newspaper, and the internet to spread the word of the Trikke event.

Inviting local TV, radio and newspaper personalities to participate or form a team will draw even more interest to your Trikke Race, as the community will be highly involved with how their favorite local weather forecaster or sports reporter or talk show host does in the race. Their notoriety will bring even more notice to your Trikke Race. You could even get competing stations to compete head to head against each other in a Trikke Race Showdown Event. The media personalities are sure to talk about it on the air in the days before your Trikke Race Event, bringing even more free publicity.

Making flyers to distribute around town is another effective way to disseminate the news. You should plan to devote a lot of time and effort to encourage more Trikke riders to participate. Remember, the more participants who register, the more spectators will pour in, and the more awareness and money you can raise...for you, the race organizer, or the charitable organization that you are Trikke-ing for.

Trikke Race - How to Plan an Amazing Trikke Race Event in Your Community For Fun Or Fundraising

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Skipping for Boxing and Fitness

Skipping ropes for Boxing and Fitness

Boxers have been using skipping ropes as a training aid for many years. Skipping can be used for endurance work, developing speed in short bursts, coordination and to encourage a sense of rhythm.
Many of the great champions used to skip to the lively beat of music. One of these champions was the great "Sugar" Ray Robinson. You will find many film clips of him skipping to music, his timing and coordination was remarkable.

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Boxers will usually warm up with skipping. Depending on the boxer and what level he is at in his career, a warm up could be as long as 20 - 30minutes. During skipping, a boxer will use different types of skipping techniques like crossing the rope, double jumps, short sprints on the spot, moving backwards and forwards e.t.c.

As a beginner you should persevere with rope skipping, although it might seem awkward at first, your timing and rhythm will be off sync and you might even trip over a few times, you need to practice over and over again. Once you have mastered the basic techniques of skipping, your coach or other boxers in the gym will teach you more advanced routines.

There are many types of skipping ropes, they come in all shapes, sizes , colours and made from different materials like leather , nylon, rubber, wire e.t.c

Leather ropes are more popular for boxers and they might cost you a little more than the thinner type nylon ropes.
Wire ropes encased in PVC are another popular rope at the moment because they turn faster than the normal ropes and this will make the skipper work faster and much harder therefore improving fitness levels.
More advanced skippers will use ropes with a weighted handle, this will help to work the forearms as well as building endurance.

Many specialist boxing stores like UK Boxing store will have a range of skipping ropes to choose from. Your coach will also be able to give you guidance on the right skipping rope.

Enjoy your training and train hard -

Skipping for Boxing and Fitness

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Tips to Burn Fat Fast and Retain Your Muscle

Burning fat while retaining muscle mass can be a very challenging encounter. One that a lot of people fail at only because their approach is all wrong. The concept of this frustrates many bodybuilders and only some can achieve low bodyfat percentages while not losing any of their muscle mass. These tips are to help you achieve exactly that, how to burn fat fast and retain your hard earned muscle mass.

1) Reduce your overall calorie intake

Sprint Store

For example if you maintain your current body weight on 2500 calories a day then reduce it by 200 calories to start for your first week. Monitor your progress and adjust your calorie intake accordingly from week to week while in your fat loss stage. Never lose more then 1 to 2 pounds a week, if you are then most likely you are also losing muscle mass. Once the weight loss stops then reduce by 200 calories again. You will find a point where you do not want to go any lower for your calorie intake, you should be at the end of your fat loss cycle at this point.

2) For every 1 gram of carbohydrates taken away, add 1 gram of protein

As explained in #1 reduce your overall calorie intake, now I do recommend on lowering your carb intake and increasing your protein intake while burning fat. I am not saying to cut out carbs completely as you still need them and this will set you up for failure as you will eventually burn out. Now the reason for this protein increase is because it will help you burn fat and keep it off because of something called, "dietary thermogenesis"(also known as the thermic effect of food). Doing this will decrease your appetite and help retain that muscle mass you worked so hard to gain. I recommend a split in percentages of protein/carbs/fat as such 35/55/10. It does not have to be drastic either, take away 30 grams of carbs and add 30 grams of protein. Even that small of an amount will have immediate effects on burning fat and retaining your muscle.

3) Preform HIT(High Intensity Cardio)

This form of cardiovascular exercise is very effective on using fat as it's primary fuel over muscle. Yes your body will use muscle as energy if your have a poor diet or preform too long of periods of cardio. One way to combat this is to use a very effective form of cardio called HIT(High intensity training). One form of HIT I particularly like is 'sprints.' You jog for let's say 50 seconds and sprint for 10 seconds then repeat in intervals. Start with maybe only 8 intervals when you first start this form of cardio as it is very tough. Yes I did say 8 so that totals to only 8 minutes! Now once that one becomes easy then up it another minute or two but never go over 20 intervals(or minutes). You can also increase the time you sprint to the time you jog once it becomes to easy for you. I recommend preforming this form of cardio for fat loss 3 to 4 times a week for no more then 8 weeks. You will see dramatic results!

4) Continue with your weight training program

This is a mistake many people make, focusing too much on cardio to burn fat and not training with weights as much anymore. I HIGHLY do not recommend doing this. Please continue with your regular weight training program at least 3 days a week and no more then 5 days a week. This is a HUGE factor in helping you maintain your muscle mass. If there is no stimulation of those muscle your muscles will simply waste away.

5) Eat every 2 to 3 hours

Spread your meals into smaller ones throughout the day for every 2 to 3 hours following the 35/55/10 split of protein/carbs/fat. This will supercharge your metabolism and keep it working all day so you cannot store anymore fat and instead burn it because your body is sufficiently fueled. This is another major factor on maintaining your muscle mass as it also keeps protein synthesis going and keeps you in a positive nitrogen balance. This way your muscles will not waste away. Starving yourself will slow your metabolism right down which is exactly opposite from what we are trying to achieve in burning fat fast.

6) Rest, Rest, Rest and get some more Rest

Did I get my point across? I cannot stress enough the importance of getting a proper nights sleep when it comes to burning fat and retaining muscle. Lack of sleep places a lot of stress on your body and produces a hormone called cortisol. This will block fat loss completely and also block the proper nutrients to getting to your muscles. So guess what will happen? You will stop burning fat and your muscles will also start to waste away. Sleep is super important and a minimum of 6 hours every night will be sufficient for most, but not all, some people will need more. Obviously 8 would be ideal but that is not always possible in our busy lives today.

7) Take a break after 8 weeks of training

Your body needs a break to fully recover after all the vigorous training you have done over the last 8 weeks. When I say a break I mean a full week off of no exercise what so ever. It will be well deserved! You will notice a huge difference in how you feel and how much more energy you will have once you return to the gym as your body has had a chance to fully recover.

To review, we covered some basic concepts(7 to be exact) on how to burn fat fast and maintain your muscle. Implement these concepts into your fat loss routine and you will see results and it will be results that you will like.

7 Tips to Burn Fat Fast and Retain Your Muscle

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Triathlon's What Does it Take to Survive and Thrive?

Well of course your equipment is a crucial part to your success and your bike is probably the most import element to your success aside from your actual training. You need a bike that is quick, fits your body style and of course won't break your bank account.

With tackling any new sport or activity you need to start off with the basics. Fundamentals are the key to your success. As you learn and progress you will naturally upgrade your equipment as well as your training routines. You will always look to improve your times, first by minutes and then seconds. You will continue to strive for personal best and again this will fall into upgrading your Triathlon equipment looking for a better, faster, more advanced bike. That is why used triathlon bikes for sale are a great way to continually grow in the sport without breaking your bank account.

Sprint Store

With this thought in mind there are always discounted and quality used triathlon bikes for sale. These bikes are typically very well maintained which is a typical charteristics of a tri-athlete. Their bikes are precious instruments and they always guarantee the quality of their used bike when you purchase them.

When you are beginning your journey to becoming a triathlon athlete, or you are simply ready to upgrade your equipment and you are on a budget, look for a quality used triathlon bike. The savings will be great and the quality will be guaranteed. To View a wide selection of bikes to fit into all kinds of budgets you can check out

Triathlon's What Does it Take to Survive and Thrive?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Choose Triathlon Apparel

With more and more people latching on to triathlon races in a big way, a number of famous clothing brands are taking special interest in triathlon apparel. In most cases, apparel used for triathlon is a matter of personal preference unless it is a team event, in which case, each team member must stick with the apparel chosen for the team.

So, how do you choose triathlon apparel?

Sprint Store

Creativity is an important factor when it comes to choosing this apparel. Whether they are for men or women, matching tops and bottoms and attractive accessories are very much a part of the games. Sometimes, mix and match costumes are also used. That is why big brands are employing extreme sophistication while designing apparel for men and women. For instance, women's triathlon costumes may be designed with special zips in order to provide ventilation. Vibrant colors and superb fit are not only expected but in demand. In short, participants want to look good when they're in the race.

Comfort is an equally important factor while choosing triathlon apparel. Naturally, participants want clothes that not only look stylish but also provide a snug fit. For example, tops of women's triathlon apparel are provided with built-in support. The fabric used in this apparel is meant to be highly wearable and breathable. It must dry rapidly and must be easy to put on or get out of.

Design and quality are two of the most important factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing triathlon apparel. Since triathlon participants have to take part in three sport events, participants need clothes that are comfortable even when they are wet. Therefore, triathlon apparel is specially designed to dry off quickly. They are also designed to retain their shape and fit after they dry off. Triathlon apparel must be stylish, sexy, functional and comfortable.

Triathlon apparel is available in both one-piece or multiple options. So, which one do you choose? The decision is purely personal.

To buy the best triathlon apparel, it is important to look beyond brands and consider comfort, longevity and return on investment. Professional athletes attribute a part of their success to the investment in terms of time and money that they make to buy proper apparel.

Triathlon apparel is incomplete without accessories. Accessories include caps, shoes, goggles, shorts, stuffing, ear cover, watch, stocks, helmets and so on. Good shoes are very important because they provide traction, speed and balance. Uncomfortable shoes not only slow you down, they can also lead to blisters and soreness.

Investing in the right accessories makes the difference between finishing first or second because races generally go to the participant who is just that much faster and sharper. Fortunately, with the advent of online stores, it is possible to buy the best brand sitting in your house. Choose an online store that is well designed and easy to browse through. Look for their policies regarding shipping and return. Some companies offer free shipping. This can reduce your cost dramatically. Find out how much time the company needs for the delivery of products. After all, you need your gear in time to practice for the event.

How to Choose Triathlon Apparel

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Free Virtual Franchise Business - You Can Make Money Without Any Overhead Costs Or Investment

All business endeavors take dedication and hard work to make them succeed. An online business is not any different in this respect from that of any traditional brick and mortar store or shop that you will find dotted anywhere across the United States. A free business, however, has a tremendous advantage over the traditional retail store. It doesn't require any investment or incur any overhead costs.

One such opportunity is what best can be called a virtual franchise business. One of the great things about the internet is that companies can now create a lot of business solely online. This has opened up the landscape for many, who otherwise, would not have the funds available to invest in a business of their own. T-Mobile, Sprint, and a company called Liberty International have created something revolutionary in the cell phone industry. They have recently come together to offer the average person the chance to grab a financial piece of the wireless industry pie.

Sprint Store

If you sign up for one of their special unlimited monthly plans under this offer, and refer three people to the same phone plan, you can get your cell phone bill free. In addition to this, you can begin receiving commissions on all the phones and wireless service plans that are purchased from any person you sign up yourself - or that any new customer refers. This is also called residual income, and is normally reserved for retail store owners only. A free virtual cell phone franchise just might be your ticket to financial freedom.

A Free Virtual Franchise Business - You Can Make Money Without Any Overhead Costs Or Investment

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

eBook Reader Comparison - Portable Electronic Book Reader Vs Wireless Portable Reading Device

You have possibly seen them described as a portable electronic book reader or as a wireless portable reading device, amongst other names, but are they the same thing? This e Book Reader Comparison will attempt to answer the question fully so you can purchase the correct ebook reader that suites your reading and book buying needs.

Portable Electronic Book Reader

Sprint Store

By definition, all ebook reading devices are classed as being portable as this is the whole concept of the device. The main difference with this type of ebook reader is the method you can buy and download your purchase.

With the portable reader you will have to log in to the online book store, where you can browse thousands of titles and purchase your chosen ebook, via a USB cable plugged into your PC, Mac, Notebook or Laptop. In essence you need to connect to the Internet, this can be through a hard wired computer or through Wi-Fi.

So, with portable electronic book readers, you can download books onto your device at home, in the office but coupled to a computer or even on the move via your laptop or notepad but you will need to connect to hotspots.

Wireless Portable Reading Device

Now with this type of device, as the title says, you can connect to the online book store via the Internet, wirelessly. So no need for USB cables plugged in to PCs or laptops, though you can if you want to as they come with that capability as well. No, the device connects to the Internet via a 3G broadband network provider, if you can get a mobile signal chances are you can browse the latest releases and best sellers or in some cases connect to the library and borrow the latest titles.

No need to hunt about for hotspots or any carry about any other hardware, software, in fact nothing just your wireless reading device. This lets you buy any time you need to, on the move, on a weekend break and now even on International vacations, by swapping out the sim card for a local provider you can connect to the internet just as you do at home. This has, in the past, been a big critisism of the Kindle.

There you have it, choose whether it's the portable electronic book reader and it's method of Internet connection or for those of you who need that level of spontaneity, the wireless portable reading device.

Hopefully this e Book Reader Comparison will help you make the right buying decision.

eBook Reader Comparison - Portable Electronic Book Reader Vs Wireless Portable Reading Device

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Top Tips For Slim Thighs

If you want to know how to get slim thighs you have to know why you get fat thighs. Unfortunately, most women are genetically predisposed to store fat around the hips and thighs. This is something you are born with and cannot control. But, all is not lost.

Genetics are only responsible for the areas you store fat but not for how much fat you have. If you burn the existing fat your fat cells become smaller and the muscles underneath become more visible. This is the look you know of called "tone". You can't look toned when you have too much fat on your body. So, your first challenge is to get rid of as much body fat as you can. Now, this is probably nothing you haven't already heard of.

Sprint Store

But, the real puzzling thing you need to know is HOW to go about getting rid of the fat on your thighs so that's what I will explain below.

Losing fat and getting slim thighs is achieved by a combination of 2 main factors.

#1-Diet - The reason you don't have slim thighs is partly due to your diet.

You need to know how much you need to eat every day. If you eat more calories than your body burns you are in a surplus and your body has to find somewhere to put the extra calories.So, it converts some of them into fat and excretes the rest. This caloric surplus is what you want to avoid. You can't burn fat and get your thighs slim and sexy if your body is storing fat.

Know what types of food you need to eat. Equally important is what you eat. If you skip meals and/or eat a lot of junk food like sugars, processed and refined foods or too much fat you can bet that you'll never get slim thighs.

Eat a sensible diet consisting of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats like omega 3's and 6's, include fresh fruits and veggies high in fiber and you'll be on your way to slimmer thighs.

#2-Your Exercise Routine - A consistent workout plan is the key. You'll never get your thighs slim simply by eating right or just doing cardio.

The most effective method for slim thighs is including a total body strength training routine rather than training abs one day, thighs one day, arms one day and so on. A total body resistance training routine is the most effective way to boost your metabolism to burn more fat faster than you would with cardio.

Do less cardio. Your total body resistance training routine will be the foundation of your workout plan. On a couple of days when you're not doing resistance training include about 30 minutes or so of cardio intervals. Put together a couple of shorter interval-based cardio days alternating between brief periods of high-intensity (ex: sprints, intense hill climbing) followed by low-intensity recovery (ex: walking).

Example: 30 seconds sprinting; 1:30 walking repeat 15 times = 30 total minutes.

And don't be afraid to eat. An easy rule to remember is that when you don't consume enough calories you make it harder to get your thighs slim.

As long as you are eating fewer calories than you burn (consisting of the right foods) you will be in a caloric deficit required to lose fat and get sexy, slim thighs.

Consume all of your calories over the course of 5 meals spread apart every 3 hours or so. It may seems like you're constantly eating at first, but you are eating smaller meals so you can still stay within your required daily caloric intake.

Finally, don't use all the fancy machines at your gym because about 90% of them are USELESS when it comes to losing fat and getting slim thighs.

Instead focus on movements that use your entire body like:

squats ball bridges dynamic lunges step-ups quick sprints squat walks

These movements will get you slimmer thighs much faster than any machine-based exercise.

And, there you have it. That's all you need to do to get your thighs slim and sexy.

Or you can just try the Hot Mom Workout that takes only 30-45 minutes to do. You just pick a workout and do it. And you can do each workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need is a small open space like your living room.

It's a complete nutrition and exercise lifestyle plan that allows you to lose belly fat, get slim thighs and completely re-shape your body without any big, fancy equipment. In fact, you can use your own bodyweight as resistance or a light pair of dumbbells or even a lightweight medicine ball. It's entirely up to you.

Top Tips For Slim Thighs

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A List of Companies Going Out of Business and How to Overcome the Recession and Unemployment Rate

Due to the continued decline of our current economy, many businesses are being forced to either go out of business, claim bankruptcy, or scale back in production and store sales.  This is of course adding to the current rate of unemployment and stress for millions of people around the world.  Many people are searching the internet, desperately scouring for a list of companies going out of business to see if their jobs are also at risk.  I have done some research and here is some of what I've found as well as some options for what to do if this has affected you.

List of Companies Going Out of Business:

Sprint Store

-Circuit City (filed Chapter 11)
-Linens N' Things
-Wickes Furniture Store
-Levitz Furniture Store

Companies Scaling Back and with extensive Store Closings:

-KB Toys
-Home Depot
-The Sharper Image
-Ethan Allen Interiors
-J.C. Penney
-Office Depot
-Sprint Nextel
-Foot Locker
-Eddie Bauer
-Ann Taylor

Unfortunately, the longer this article stays in circulation, the higher the likelihood that by the time you read this, the list will have grown.

What To Do if this List of Companies Going Out of Business, or Store Closings has Affected You and Your Job:

According to business and finance tycoon, Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most effective ways to work towards true financial security during this economic recession is to own your own business.  As a matter of fact, with the rising rates of unemployment, the prospect of owning a home business and being your own boss has never been as appealing and popular as it is right now.  If you really think about it, when you consider the recession that we are experiencing right now and the changing job markets, it is more important than ever that the general public is educated, made aware and able to change their approach to personal finance and business.

Another important point is that the world is thrusting further and further ahead into the Information Age and as such, owning an online business to take advantage of this progress is the best tactic for keeping up and staying ahead of the game.

If this list of companies going out of business and the current unemployment rate has had a personal affect on you, then I would absolutely recommend looking into and taking advantage of the benefits of owning a business in the Internet and Online Marketing Industry.  There could be no better time than now to take control of your financial future.  Don't just leave your personal financial success in the hands of the economy.  Take this opportunity now to explore your best options for starting a business and making money at home.  Start working now towards financial freedom and massive success.  I am personal proof that it can be done!

A List of Companies Going Out of Business and How to Overcome the Recession and Unemployment Rate

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Latest Mobile Phones in the Market

To better understand the concept of mobile phones let us start an overview of the mobile technology. Mobile Technology which is referring to a Wireless Communication. This is one of the most popular technologies developed from the concept of a telephone line. The usual telephone lines installed in each household, typically wired with a telephone cord is the core of the latest mobile phones.

Nowadays, most people are using mobile phones (also cellular phones) as a major means of communication anywhere in the world. Mobile phones make communication so easy. The fact that it is handy, you can bring it anywhere you go and use it anytime. More features are developed for latest mobile phones nowadays and one of these is the capability to go online.

Sprint Store

Mobile phone companies never stop with their latest phone models. Famous companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericcson, Sprint, Samsung, Apple, and LG are trying to develop and produced latest brands with latest features. Sprint is now offering Sanyo Katana Eclipse with GPS features and unique lightning effects. Opticon releases its new model that is Opticon's 19 WorkHorse SmartPhone with laser scanner. Samsung come out with their latest that is SGH i900 Omnia (multimedia powerhorse). These are just three of the latest mobile phone coming out in the market today.

Here are some important tips in buying your latest mobile phone.

First, you have to consider the quality of the product. Second, take note of the features that you need and choose the model that has these features to make it more efficient to you. Third, don't forget the price range. Be feasible enough. Make sure it's within your budget. Lastly, carefully choose the best phone. This would include choosing the best mobile phone provider.

Latest Mobile Phones in the Market

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Verizon Ringtones

In today's competitive market, every mobile manufacturer is trying their best to upgrade their technology and present something that has never been heard of before. Since the competition is so tight, mobile companies are providing the world with best and most affordable deals, making the offers look lucrative and cheap. Companies can easily draw attention to their products and services by using the word "free." Everyone likes to have something that is free of cost. To entice the customer to buy their products, there are free deals that the manufacturers offer. There are also free weekly or monthly plans that they come up with and offer to attract new customers.

Cell phones have become a popular, almost essential, item for people today. Communication is much easier, thanks to cell phones. There are different makes of cell phones available on the market today. One can choose a cell phone according to their likes or dislikes. Cell phones are come in different makes, types, all which have various features available. Almost all cell phones have the ringtone feature, however, as people often like to change their handset ringtones. They do not want to just hear the same ringtone whenever there is an incoming call. A specific ringtone can be assigned for a particular person's call, so that it becomes easy to identify the person calling without having to look at the phone.

Sprint Store

The feature that users are mostly drawn to is the ringtone feature. This is why we find new ringtones being composed and created almost daily. There are many companies that are involved in the communications business. Verizon is a big player in the communications field. Bell Atlantic and GTE were the companies that merged and formed Verizon. Verizon has been serving its customers faithfully through out the United States. There are many phone models that are linked with the Verizon Company like Nokia, Samsung, LG that you can take advantage of. Ringtones are available according to the make of the handset and the model number. Many Verizon users consider the ability to download free ringtones an advantage of the service.

Free Verizon Ringtones


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Triathlon Bikes For Sale - Find The Best Tri Bikes

Where To Find Triathlon bikes For Sale

Finding decent triathlon bikes for sale can often be a frustrating experience particularly if you have a certain make or model in mind, you need to be confident of your purchase before you buy.

Sprint Store

Most triathletes either purchase Road bikes which are readily available in local bike stores or Tri bikes. The latter is harder to find particularly in local stores where often only one model can be found (if any).

Going in store to try out triathlon bikes for sale is recommended since you can get a good feel for the bike and see if it suits you, as well as having the additional benefit of the store workers knowledge. However if you already have a model in mind and are looking for popular high - medium quality tri bikes for sale I recommend you choose Amazon for the best Triathlon bikes for sale.

You maybe surprised to hear Amazon sells bikes let alone specialized Tri bikes, but what I really like about Amazons is that you know who your purchasing from and can trust Amazons return policy as well as being able to read reviews from other customers. Amazon also offers a solid selection of Triathlon bikes for sale.

Our Favorite Tri Bicycle For Sale

Tommaso Sixth Sense Tri Bicycle

This comes heavily recommended for those of you looking for professional tri bikes for sale. Its easily Amazons highest performing tri bike and one the best you'll find. Its used by Pro Triahelete James Hadley and comes with a top wind cheating - light yet super strong frame (with lifetime warranty) and tri features you'd only expect with higher priced bikes It also comes in four different sizes to suit your height and is very affordable.

Other Top Tri Bicycles For Sale:

Tommaso Coltello Tri Bicycle (Intermediate)

This bike is aimed at intermediate riders who'll find it even more affordable than the Sixth Sense and thus opens up the quality tri bicycle market even further. The bike comes as standard with a quality aero shaped aluminum frame with wheel cut out on the rear wheel to ensure that the rider gets a light yet strong frame, positioning the rider for steady handling, speed and comfort - even when your eating! This bikes high points really shine in the stability which your find remains on bends, hills and at speed. The bike is also available in several sizes.

Triathlon Bikes For Sale - Find The Best Tri Bikes

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Spouse Gold Coins- Thousands are Melted

According to a recent article in Coin World, thousands of First Spouse Gold Coins have been melted. This represents a significant portion of the overall mintage and carries both current and future implications for the series.

The coins were melted by SilverTowne, a coin dealer and private mint. Between 5,000 and 7,000 Martha Washington and Louisa Adams coins were melted, including both proof and uncirculated versions. An unspecified number of Thomas Jefferson's Liberty coins were also melted. According to the president of SilverTowne, the coins were melted after his firm identified little or no retail demand.

Sprint Store

The total mintages for these coins were 40,000 each. As such, the coins melted may represent nearly 10% of the overall mintage for at least two of the coins.

In the short term, the implication of the melt is that there is a lack of short term demand for the series. In my opinion there is plenty of demand for the coins, as evidenced by the dozens that sell each day on popular online auction venues for prices well above the melt value. Perhaps there was just not the kind of bulk demand needed to quickly sell thousands of the coins.

In the long term, there are implications about scarcity and demand of the current and future coins of the series. Since up to 10% of the mintage for two coins of the series has just been eliminated, mintage figures will be misleading for future collectors. This may lead to reconsideration of prices based on scarcity rather than mintage figures alone.

Secondly, the melt signals that early speculative demand for the series has ended. Much of the early demand for the series may have been fueled by companies like SilverTowne seeking quick profits. With them and other similar speculators out of the picture, future issues may end up with significantly lower mintages. Eventually there might be extremely low mintage coins like the Gold Jackie Robinson Coin which will become worth far more than their weight in gold.

The First Spouse Gold Series is a marathon, not a sprint. It is currently scheduled to run for ten more years. While early excitement has dissolved, I am sure the future has many surprises left in store.

First Spouse Gold Coins- Thousands are Melted

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Male Underwear Packaging Contest: Snap That G-String (or Boxer, or Brief, or Short)

In observance of National Underwear Day on August 9, a male modeling website is encouraging shoppers to submit cellphone snapshots of the best and worst male underwear packaging in the United States. Cell phone and digital photos can be sent via Sprint's Picturemail service to:

The male underwear industry has grown substantially since the days when Calvin Klein billboards stopped traffic in New York's Time Square. Many small manufacturers now offer underwear that ranges from strictly utilitarian briefs to elaborate undies that rival Michael Jackson's wardrobe.

Sprint Store

Some are pricy and some are cheap and packaging runs the gamut from sexually titilating (obviously aimed at wives and girlfriends who are shopping for their mates) to blue-collar basics (favorites of the white socks and cigars crowd).

Campus Men, a calendar and male modeling resource company that has been making good looking college guys famous since 1990, was amused by the variations it found in male underwear marketing. Photo editors had shopped department stores, closeout bins and dime stores to find the perfect skivvies for Campus Men photo shoots. After seeing such a range of choices, they decided to sponsor a hunt to find the most amusing packaging, as well as packaging that shows the best in marketability.

Male Underwear Packaging Contest: Snap That G-String (or Boxer, or Brief, or Short)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Franchise Opportunities - A Virtual Cell Phone Franchise Without the Investment Or Overhead Costs

If you are in the market for a cell phone franchise there are some pretty good ones out there. Wireless Zone from Verizon, in particular, is both well-known in the industry and reputable. The other major carriers have their own too, plus there are a number of other cell phone franchise opportunities from smaller companies that are worth investigating. All of these businesses require a significant investment in both money and time, however, but this is to be expected. After all, a store or a shop has to be manned, stocked with inventory, and managed. Traditional enterprises simply operate this way. Since the cell phone industry is a very lucrative market, there is a lot of competition for the same customers.

This is why companies like T-Mobile and Sprint have teamed up with a smaller carrier called Liberty International to attract new customers and get a greater share of the mobile phone revenue pie. What they've done is this: budding entrepreneurs can now start a virtual wireless store without walls, inventory, paperwork or investment required.

Sprint Store

All you have to do is sign up for one of their special unlimited plans and you have access to phones, accessories and phone service plans, just like a cell phone store--and you can earn residual income off of the cell phone plans that people by. So, if you are thinking about getting into the wireless business, maybe you should take a moment to take a look at what can be called a virtual cell hone franchise. It may be just the thing you were looking for never heard about.

Franchise Opportunities - A Virtual Cell Phone Franchise Without the Investment Or Overhead Costs

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sprint Phone Store - You Can Now Have Your Own Virtual Sprint Phone Store Online

It's not just the big boys anymore that can get a financial piece of the cell phone market. If you have always wanted to own your own retail cell phone shop, or simply want to be in an industry that is growing more profitable every day, you don't have to invest thousands of dollars to get in the game. Sprint has just teamed up with T-Mobile and a company called Liberty International to offer budding and veteran entrepreneurs alike the chance to start their own virtual wireless franchise--for free!

What is a virtual wireless franchise? It has the same access to phones, gadgets and cell phone service plans that retail wireless shops have, but there is no rent to pay, accounting to calculate, employees to hire, paperwork to file or investment requirements. How does it work? If you sign up for one of their special unlimited service plans, you not only can get your cell phone bill for free, but you will be able to start earning commissions on all of the service plans and phones that people sign up for and buy through your online website.

Sprint Store

If you are looking for a home based business opportunity, or have been thinking about a cell phone retail shop like a Sprint phone store, take a few moments to investigate this opportunity further. It may be just the thing you were looking for but never new existed. New businesses are hard to make profitable, plus there are all sorts of financial risks involved if they fail. With an opportunity like the one mentioned here, you can't lose because you don't have to risk a thing.

Sprint Phone Store - You Can Now Have Your Own Virtual Sprint Phone Store Online

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HTC EVO Battery Life Fix! Found This Trick and It Has Really Come in Handy

Those of you with an HTC EVO on Sprint's network may have noticed that your phone's battery life is terrible. In fact, that's probably why you've ended up at this page. If you're anything like me, you've tried nearly everything to increase the life of your battery so that you're still able to make a phone call after having sent a couple of texts AND watched a quick video on YouTube. Running Task Killers, disabling WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, even underclocking the CPU didn't seem to help me much.

Then I stumbled upon a tip that really made a difference for me, so I thought I'd share it with you all. The problem is that the EVO appears to be set to scan for both GSM & CDMA network types, when you really only need CDMA (Sprint's network is CDMA only).

Sprint Store

Here's what I did:

One simple setting is all it took. - Open your phone app as if you were going to make a call by dialing a number.

- Dial *#*#4636#*#* (That's star, pound, star, pound, four, six, three, six, pound, star, pound, star.)

- You should immediately be taken to a menu called "Testing".

- Select "Phone information" and scroll down to the very bottom of the "Phone info" screen.

- The first option on this screen says "Set preferred network type:", make sure that it is set to CDMA auto (PRL).

That's it! You may need to reboot your phone before it takes effect. I made this change and usually see between 15 and 20 hours of life if I use the phone regularly throughout the day. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I just read that there is an app called Network that takes you to this same window without having to dial the code mentioned above. You can search for it in the Market, or use the QR code below from your phone.

HTC EVO Battery Life Fix! Found This Trick and It Has Really Come in Handy

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Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Increase the HTC EVO 4G's Battery Life

Currently the Seidio InnoCell is the only larger capacity battery out for the Evo 4G.

Mostly all of the reviews I have read stated that these battery are on-par if not worse then the OEM Batteries.

Sprint Store

Best bet is just buy another OEM HTC Battery and call it a day! As everyone uses the phone in a different way battery life will be different for each situation. try some of these battery saving tips for the HTC EVO 4G:

Try to Reduce the Brightness of the Screen ( immense savings)

Go to Settings -> Sound & display -> Brightness.

Try To turn off "always on" mobile data.

Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks.

Try to Turn off auto-sync.

Go to Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Auto-sync.

Try to save by turning off the background data. so that applications cannot sync, send, and receive data whenever they want to.

Go to Settings -> Accounts & sync and uncheck the Background data box

Try to Turn off haptic feedback.

Go to Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Touch Input -> Text input -> Vibrate when typing.

Try To Disable Network Notification (Wifi, 4G)

Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi settings. Uncheck the Network notification.

For 4G, go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> 4G settings.

Try to Use a dark wallpaper. Some say that dark wallpapers are more energy efficient than light wallpapers. Disable data roaming if you don't need it.

Go to Settings -> Wireless networks -> Mobile networks.

Change the CDMA roaming mode.Go to Settings -> Wireless networks -> Mobile networks.

Tap on "Roaming" and select "Sprint only" from the pop-up window that appears.

These Basics Tips in a way or another will help any Android Phones in the Market (Android 2.0 and up)

How to Increase the HTC EVO 4G's Battery Life

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Best Home Based Businesses - The Cell Phone Industry Has Come Home - The Virtual Wireless Store

The home based business industry is a pretty crowded field. In fact, there are so many different kinds of opportunities to choose from that it makes it difficult to settle on any one particular choice. A lot depends on what a person is looking for of course, but there is something new in the market that has never been available before. The cell phone industry has come home. You can now start your own virtual wireless store for free. For those of you who are interested in starting one of the best home based businesses out there today, you ought to check out this new opportunity form T-Mobile, Sprint and a company called Liberty International. Why? The cell phone industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. The new home business owner will therefore not have to spend a lot of time wrestling with the lack of product recognition that plagues so many other start-ups. Plus, all transactions are done solely online, and there is no paperwork, employees to hire, or inventory to stock.

What is a virtual wireless store? It has the same kind of access to phones, accessories and calling plans that the traditional wireless store owner has--plus, the home based business owner can earn commissions, bonuses and residual income that up until now have only been reserved for those who could afford to invest thousands of dollars in a franchise.

Sprint Store

What is the best home based business? It is the one that has the least amount of investment and the most potential profit. You must be the ultimate judge, however. So, take a few minutes to investigate this opportunity for yourself. You may be glad you did.

The Best Home Based Businesses - The Cell Phone Industry Has Come Home - The Virtual Wireless Store

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cheap Triathlon Wetsuit - Why Get It And How?

It is desired that you shell out a good amount of money if you want to buy triathlon wetsuits of the best quality from the best brand in the market; but it is absolutely justified if you find it impossible to spend the hefty amount. It could be that you want the wetsuit badly but then, there could be obligations to meet other demands as well. Money is a major concern and often, it becomes difficult to splurge your hard-earned or hard-saved money on triathlon gear. The good news is that you can get hold of cheap triathlon wetsuit if you have the patience and determination which are required in the process.

Cheap triathlon wetsuit can be procured by you as a part of various discount sessions, promotional offers and stock clearance sales. All you must do is to keep track of these offers and discounts and avail them when you find the price most opportune for you.

Sprint Store

Cheap triathlon wetsuit however may not necessarily mean that they are cheap in terms of quality as well. Often, discounts are offered by various stores to attract customers and promote sales. It might be just a strategy of sales promotion and profit maximization. At times, new stores proffer such discounts in an attempt to bait customers and establish a hold in the market. Stock clearance sale is given by shops to clear old stocks and make room for new ones; often, these shops want to give away quality items at cheap rates because they do not have much variety in stock.

However, money is not the only constraint always and people have diverse reasons when they choose to purchase a cheap triathlon wetsuit. Check out the reason that you find fits in your situation:

- It is very expensive and you cannot afford it easily.

- You have already used dear triathlon gear, and to fulfill the demands of your whims, you want to check out the difference of quality between the costly ones and the cheap ones.

- You have tried out a cheap triathlon wetsuit before and you have found out that they are as good as the pricey ones; so, you decide not to waste your money and avail a discount.

- Your friend told you that he or she has benefited a lot, in terms of money as well as quality, by going for an inexpensive one and you do not want to lag behind.

Cheap Triathlon Wetsuit - Why Get It And How?

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