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How to Download Free Ringtones for Sprint PCS and Nextel Users

If I have a Sprint or Nextel cell phone, can I download free ringtones? The answer is yes, but I found that depending on which type you have, things can vary. Apparenly, the situation with the Sprint and Nextel ringtones is a bit different. So, depending on for which type of phone you want to download free ringtones, there are things to consider.

With most sprint cell phones, you can accept a downloaded ringtone sent by SMS. Originally, when it came to the download of free ringtones, only Sprint had access to the format that needed to be used to send the ringtone. However, the format Sprint uses is now better known and there are actually places, besides Sprint, where you can download free ringtones for your Sprint phone. The fact is, though, that the free ringtones that are available for download may not work with every Sprint PCS phone available. The only thing you can really do is go out, download free ringtones, and then try them to see if they work on the phone you have. The important fact is that it is an available service now by several different websites and services, and not just a Sprint service as was the case when they were not releasing their ringtone delivery format.

Sprint Store

Historically, Nextel, which is owned by Motorola, has had a good reputation when it comes to downloadable ringtones. Motorola has allowed people, in the past, to download free ringtones from wireless internet connections. So, it should stand to reason that Nextel phones, for the most part, will play downloaded free ringtones without a problem. The best thing you can probably do is just download some free ringtones and try them out on your Nextel phone. In most cases, I think you will find that they do indeed work effectively.

How to Download Free Ringtones for Sprint PCS and Nextel Users

So what happens if you try to download free ringtones and they don't work? Well, unfortunately there is very little you can do in such a situation. Like computers, cell phones become out of date almost every month, so it is possible you will get a cell phone and then find two weeks later that your friends all have phones that do things yours will not. In that case, really all you can do is either accept the ringtones on your phone or get a different phone. So, be sure that before you buy a phone that it will accept any downloaded free ringtones if you think that is something you will want to be able to do.

Cell phones are a big part of our lives today. They do amazing things like take pictures and read email, but what if you want to customize the phone to show off your personality? What if you want it so that when a phone rings you know if it is yours or not right away? The answer is ringtone downloads. If you have a Sprint or Nextel phone, there are likely ways you can download free ringtones []. At the very least, you owe yourself the time it takes to give it a try and make your ringtone unique.

How to Download Free Ringtones for Sprint PCS and Nextel Users

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Flash Your Cell Phone

If you are like most people today you have a cell phone and like most of us you don't stick with the same carrier forever. When you change carriers you need a phone that will work on their network so you have two choices, buy a phone through your new carrier and get locked into a one or two year contract or use your current phone on their network. For most people the cheapest and best solution is to use your current phone. Thus phone Flashing. Flashing is the process of loading Carrier specific files to handsets from other carriers in order to connect the phone to the new carrier.

What do I Need to Flash My Phone?

Sprint Store

1.) Flashing software (which you can download)
2.) A USB cable for the phone you're flashing
3.) A computer with Windows 2000 or Newer, a USB Port, 800Mhz+, 256MB RAM
4.) A CDMA cell phone (see below)

How to Flash Your Cell Phone

How Difficult is it ?

There are a number of good downloadable cell phone flashing programs out there that will guide you through reprogramming your cell phone to use on many other carriers. If you have basic computer knowledge and a few simple cables almost anyone can Flash or reprogram a cell phone. To begin you will need a Flashing program. Onceyou have the flashing software. Search for the instructions or read me docs with your program and follow them carefully. Look for instruction on your specific phone. This will give you a good overview of what you will be doing. You should be able to complete the process in about ten to fifteen minutes once setup. You will be Flashing a CDMA phone to a CDMA carrier. See a description of the two major networks below.

The Networks

In addition to the list above you will need an account with the CDMA carrier you wish to sign up with. There are two major networks for cell phone carriers. They are GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications. Examples are AT&T, T-Mobile The second CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access.Examples are Qwest, Metro, Sprint and Verizon. These are technologies which essentially allow a mobile device to communicate with a mobile communications network.

How Good Is The Carrier I am Flashing To?

As with most great deals you probable heard about a better carrier through a friend or co-worker. But before you change carriers you should make sure the coverage you are going to is at least as good as your current provider. One way of doing that is compare your current coverage with your new carrier at Here you can enter in your zip code and get ratings for all carriers in your area along with comments from others using the different cellular services.

How to Flash Your Cell Phone

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Best Boxing Training Secrets For Fat Loss

CB: How do boxers get so lean, and what lessons can us average folk take from their regimens?

RP: I know this point is redundantly made but it's true.

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People spend to much time training with cardio equipment. I have seen people train on cardio equipment, and their body's still look the same months later!

The Best Boxing Training Secrets For Fat Loss

When the average person has had enough of walking around in their body they are in they usually think of hitting the pavement running. Or people will train with the typical cardio circuit of elliptical and treadmills etc...Training for long and very casual intensities. Raising cortisol levels, preserving fat, etc...

People who perform a boxing workout get lean from the intense anaerobic way they train. Boxers fight and train in rounds lasting from 2 minutes to 3 minutes in duration. The training done for that duration is generally at a higher intensity. The training equipment also demands you get lean by the way the bags have to be worked.

Put it this way to maximally work and move the heavy bag in the right manner burns allot of calories and takes allot of effort to do. Your body then takes the lean shape from the aftermath of this demand of it to put forth the work. Same thing for the punch mitts when used correctly your whole body is moving and working and in a more anaerobic and intense manner than aerobic training.

Many times people who cross train or want to learn boxing for self defense are amazed at how sore they are in different areas of their body from the workout. They are waking and working muscles that have been dormant for some time in a unison intense manner.

Metabolically speaking, as stated several times above since the training is predominantly anaerobic and because we use allot of intervals our metabolic rates are greatly increased.

Unlike the aerobic way people train where they only burn calories for the duration of their aerobic activity or training. With anaerobic interval work your metabolic rate is increased for hours even after training is complete as you obviously know.

CB: What's the role of slow cardio in stripping fat from a boxer's body?

RP: Not much at all....

We condition using sprints, sled work, sledge strikes, change of direction runs, sprint and run drills, but really speaking from a fighters perspective, nothing beats intense sparring to get in shape. We also perform intervals of heavy and fast punching on the bags and punch mitts.

As far as the average client, I'll never forget when I was working in Syracuse NY I was training an older guy named Tom. Tom couldn't lose any more weight in a satisfying way. He was on a plateau.

He was training aerobically only for the last 2 years playing musical chairs with the cardio equipment. He was very frustrated and bored that he couldn't drop and shed any more fat.

So upon working with him. I had him jumping rope, working the punch mitts, working the heavy bag and VERY easily he lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks! Not bad for previously being on a plateau! The pounds literally melted off. Because of the intense anaerobic way he trained and the muscles and movements he was using in training this way.

Fortunately for me communicating with the best strength and conditioning coaches and constantly reading and studying the best books keeps me abreast of what methods work best.

CB: How do you and other boxers get lean for fights in terms of nutrition?

RP: We start cleaning house!

Or should I say cleaning the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I have them get rid of the processed boxed, package, frozen packaged, canned foods. I have them stop eating then sugary cereals, soda, sugary juices, white breads, refined carbs, margarine, just garbage food period! This goes along way with improving performance, vitality, and weight loss obviously.

I then have them start to eat real whole foods. Foods that actually have a life source and will deliver nutrients and vitality to them.

So for weight loss having them eliminate the garbage foods and drinks and having them eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day works big time for weight loss on top of the kick butt training their doing.

It still amazes me on how many people skip breakfast. Or if they do have it, the typical sugar water called orange juice with a pop tart doesn't do it. I have them eat a better breakfast and make sure their dinner isn't the biggest meal of the day as their stomachs would suggest if it is.

My point is, typically people skip breakfast, eat a rather large lunch, and when they get home have a feast for dinner. That's obviously insane if you want to drop weight and get lean!

Don't eat less meals. Eat more meals frequently with less food for weight loss. Their blood sugar levels are more balanced and their moods and energy levels are far more enhanced by eating more frequently, like 5-6 times per day if possible.

I also have them drink half their body weight in ounces of water per day. (Many people are dehydrated) and I have them consume fish oils at their meals.

I also keep critiquing their eating habits and food choices for weight loss as needed...

CB: Do you use boxer's training techniques in your client's workouts? If so, what could I do to speed my fat loss?

RP: Boxing workouts are BIG in my clients workouts.

It's no wonder that the most popular classes in commercial gyms are martial arts classes.

Unfortunately many of those are watered down. By getting your eating habits under control and cleaned up and by jumping rope, shadow boxing, working the punch mitts, heavy bag, double end bag and speed bag you literally melt that fat off your body in a quick manner.

That's why I like to use boxing training techniques. Boxing training gets results.

People can get bored with the cardio equipment. You can be totally uncoordinated and not improve upon before or after getting on the bike or stair master.

Not when you jump rope and perform the rest of a boxing workout. That's why it delivers so much in one workout. All those bio-motor abilities you improve on top of shredding the fat from your body.

CB: What methods of strength training do you prefer? Do you use free weights or a lot of body weight exercises?

RP: Strength training methods will depend on the persons training age, background, weaknesses, needs, goals, and were we are from a fight.

So I have a lot of tools in the tool box I can use depending on the above scenarios.
Generally I start off with body weight exercises. I totally agree with what Alwyn Cosgrove says, "If we cannot stabilize and move our own body weight, we have no reason to use external resistance"

Once a person can handle there own body weight we use different strength exercises. We use squats, I'm particularly fond of front squats since we can work the often times weak thoracic extensors while also strengthening our legs. A boxer that has been at it for a while will will have an increased kyphotic posture along with pronated shoulders. So we need to correct this if we want to improve performance.

We also use dead-lifts, single leg work, posterior chain work, core strengthen with more transverse plain exercises, but we also perform reverse crunches they are a great abdominal strengthening exercise that also help in improving posture.

A lot of unilateral work. Also presses, split stance single arm pushes, pulls, rows, chins, pull ups, you name.

We use equipment ranging from db's, barbells, med balls, sand bags, kegs, sled, sledge hammer, I'm going to start using kettle bells more. Once again, these are all great tools we use depending on the situation.

Corrective exercises are used to keep the fighters muscle imbalances and posture in check.

I will say that generally fighters are bloody weak! So I like to improve and focus on maximal strength training. Hypertrophy training can be used if I have a fighter that wants to move up a weight class or needs a little more muscle.

For our dynamic training, I like to used med balls and other plyometric exercise for explosive power.

That pretty much sums it up as our training is ALWAYS evolving and improving as I continue to study and learn and as we progress in our own training.

CB: Do the boxing workouts require any special equipment?

RP: Yes the workout uses special equipment that is very affordable and can be purchased at sporting stores, or boxing equipment magazines.

You will need hand wraps, a jump rope, gloves, punch mitts, a heavy bag, double end bag, speed bag and a small timer that you can by at any store. You don't have to get all the bags at once you can still burn allot of fat with the jump rope and heavy bag alone. The other equipment just really speeds the results.

The Best Boxing Training Secrets For Fat Loss

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iPhone Tracking App - How to Track an iPhone to Catch a Cheating Spouse


If you are in the unfortunate situation where you think that your spouse is having an affair, an iPhone tracking app is a useful tool to finding out the truth. By using a tracking app, you can easily track the location of your spouse, and verify that they are where they said they are.

Sprint Store

Gone are the days of expensive GPS tracking devices that you attach to your spouse's car, with an tracking software for your spouse's iPhone, you can easily track your spouse by installing an app on their iPhone versus having to install a piece of hardware somewhere on their car.

iPhone Tracking App - How to Track an iPhone to Catch a Cheating Spouse

We all carry our phones wherever we go, so having a way to track your spouse's iPhone, is by far the best way (both in terms of cost and ease of use) to track a cheating spouse and gather the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions. Whey spend hundreds of dollars on expensive GPS tracking hardware. In addition, with tracking apps, there are no monthly fees, and the software is installed directly on the iPhone.

iPHONE TRACKING APP > How do they work?

The way an iPhone tracking app works is you install it directly on the iPhone that you want to track. Once installed, the app will transmit GPS coordinates to an online account that you set up at time of purchase. This enables you to log into your account and view both historical and real time GPS coordinates of your spouse.

To view where the GPS coordinates are on a map, you simply click on the GPS coordinates and you will be directed to Google Maps, where the coordinates will appear on the map giving you an exact location of where your spouse was at that point in time. Since the app uses Google Maps to show your spouses location, you can take advantage of all the features offered by Google Maps such as zooming in or out, changing the type of map shown to a street or terrain view, find out local landmarks & businesses, and even get driving directions to the location.

iPhone tracking software is a fantastic way to track an iPhone and find out where your spouse is going. You will not find an easier way to keep an eye on your spouse and track their location in real time.

iPHONE TRACKING APP > Where to buy?

There are numerous apps available via both the app store and 3rd party iPhone app developers who have yet to get their app approved to sell in the app store. Moreover, even Apple has gotten into the tracking business, by offering a service where you can easily track an iPhone using their Mobile Me service.

Bottom line, there are a variety of apps that enable you to track an iPhone. In fact if you do a search on Google or in the App store, you will see 20-30 of these kind of apps. The best advice I can give is to determine what your budget is, and what features you want in an iPhone tracking app, then tailor your purchase based on what your budget and needs are.

For example, you might want to be open with your spouse and let them know you are tracking them for "safety" reasons, this will enable you to purchase software via the App store or perhaps use Apple's own Mobile Me service. Others might want to secretly track an iPhone, and need software that is completely hidden, and therefore your purchase will most likely occur outside the App store.

Regardless what product you choose, just make sure you know exactly what features you want prior to making your purchase decision. This will prevent you from having to go back and spend more money on more software. It's better to do the research right the first time, and get an app that matches your budget and needs.

iPhone Tracking App - How to Track an iPhone to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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How To Download Music From Computer To Cell Phone

Downloading music from your PC's music collection is pretty easy. All you have to do is drag and drop songs from your PC onto a memory card that's then installed in the phone.All the phones connect to PC USB cable. However only Sprint / Nextel and Amp'd phones appear as a lettered drive onto which you can drag and drop music files.

Not everything on your PC will necessarily play on the phones. Sprint phones will play MP3's and AAC's ( the default format for Apple's iTunes software and Music Store) but not music purchased form other music stores even PC downloads from the Sprint service, oddly enough. With Amp'd you can play MP3's and WMA's but not songs downloaded from online music stores. AMP'd Live does allow you to order songs, ringtones and other content from your PC and have them automatically pushed to you phone.

Sprint Store

Verizon is the most "Apple unfriendly". It's phones don't play MP3's or AAC's the only formats used by iPod owners just WMA's. The only good news is that Verizon phones will play copy-protected WMA songs bought from other online stores (which of course rules out Apple iTunes content). I hope this helps you in terms of what cell phone you have now or are contemplating on purchasing. Below is a place that I found to be helpfull in this process. Check it out.

How To Download Music From Computer To Cell Phone

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Cell Phones For the Deaf - Data Only Cellular Plans

For deaf individuals or for those with significant hearing loss, cell phones can still be a great way of staying in touch. By selecting hearing aid compatible cell phones, those with a mild to moderate hearing loss can often make use of these handy communication devices especially when a neckloop, amplifier, or an induction coupler known as Hatis is added. For deaf individuals or those with a more severe hearing loss, the ability to use text messaging features is critical and the use of voice calling frustrating or useless. In such instances, paying for costly voice plans makes no sense when the individual can only make use of the data features.

Fortunately, some of the major US cellular providers now offer data only plans that can be purchased without any voice plan required. T-Mobile offers the Sidekick Data Plan which offers unlimited e-mails, messaging, web surfing, and instant messaging for only .99/month. AIM comes installed on the phone and users can download Yahoo!Messenger. Users can also sync up to three of their POP3 e-mail accounts to their cell phone and they receive a free account with 6MB of storage. Voice calls, if needed, would be charged at 20 cents/minute.

Sprint Store

AT&T offers the Text Accessibility Plan (TAP) for iPhone. This plan includes unlimited SMS messages, unlimited data usage (e-mail and web) as well as visual voice mail for /month. Any voice calls would be charged at 40 cents/minute. The AT&T site indicates that potential users need to complete a Disability Certification form, sign up for regular iPhone activation via iTunes, and then contact AT&Ts National Center for Customers with Disabilities to change their service to the TAP plan for iPhone. Availability is sparse in Alaska as well as parts of the western US.

Sprint provides the Sprint Relay Data Plan. This .99/month plan provides unlimited e-mail, internet access, instant messaging, domestic text messaging (SMS), and unlimited Phone as Modem. Incoming and outgoing calls are blocked to avoid any unwanted expenses. This block can be removed by the user and voice calls would then be charged 20 cents/minute for local calls and 40 cents/minute for long distance. Users can get this plan only via the site.

US Cellular offers a number of data only plans. They have a "Standard Wireless" plan for .95/month which provides unlimited text messaging and, if needed, voice calls for 25 cents/minute within area and 69 cents/minute when roaming. For those interested in a plan without a contract or any credit checks, they also offer a Prepaid Plan. This .95/month plan also gives users unlimited text messaging but any voice calls are charged at 50 cents/minute in area and 69 cents when roaming.

For those wanting additional data services, US Cellular offers the Blackberry Plan which provides unlimited texting messaging for .95 and e-mail and web service for an additional .95/month. Any voice calls are charged at 99 cents/minute. Users get not only text messaging but Yahoo!Messenger, GoogleTalk Messenger, and Blackberry Messenger as well as the ability to link up to 10 personal POP3 e-mail accounts. The final offering is their Windows Mobile plan which provides unlimited text messaging for .95/month and Windows Mobile e-mail and web for an additional .95. Users get the Microsoft OS with Internet Explorer web browsing, MSN Instant Messenger and the ability to link up to 8 messaging and e-mail accounts.

Data only plans make sense and certainly there are at least a handful of options available; making cellular based communication a more affordable option for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Cell Phones For the Deaf - Data Only Cellular Plans

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