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Barnes & Noble Nook Vs Amazon Kindle - Which is the Best eReader?

Amazon's Kindle eReader has been the leader, at least in the US, of the eReader market since the introduction of Kindle 1 in 2007. Sony has held 2nd place with 30 - 35% of the market.

But now there is a new kid on the block. In October '09 Barnes & Noble announced its nook eReader that sold out on pre-order within a few weeks.

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The nook is revolutionary primarily in its looks. It will be hard for your average gadget boy/girl to see one and not develop a serious craving. But does this mean that the nook is the best thing since the printing press for bookish boys and girls?

Barnes & Noble Nook Vs Amazon Kindle - Which is the Best eReader?

Let's look at and compare some of the features of the nook and the Kindle eReaders.

For the most part reading on the nook's e-ink screen is very similar to reading on the Kindle eReader's e-ink screen. Both eRreaders use the same or a very similar reading screen.

What is dramatically different, and what in fact attracts many people to the nook eReader is the small LCD touchscreen under the e-ink screen. On the Kindle, navigation is accomplished by using the chicklet keyboard and the 5-way controller. The controls for the nook are mostly accessed through using the LCD touchscreen.

The nook's touchscreen is also used for browsing books in your library or for selecting books to purchase from Barnes & Noble over the wireless connection. A virtual keyboard is available on the LCD screen for typing.

The nook's color LCD screen looks really nice and would seem to be a very desirable feature, but there are problems with the software implementation, which we will get to in a bit.


The Kindle eReader has a 3G wireless connection through AT&T for the Kindle Global, and Sprint for the Kindle 2. Amazon calls its wireless service "Whispernet". Using Whispernet, you can usually purchase and download a book within a minute or less. You also can use the somewhat clunky but functional browser to access the internet, check email, research your reading on Wikipedia, even access another online ebook store than Amazon to purchase and download books, etc. With Kindle Global you also have access to the Kindle store in many other countries besides the US, though you have to pay a surcharge for downloading a book on the Whispernet outside of the US.

The nook eReader has both a WiFi connection and a 3G AT&T wireless connection. The difference is that the nook's connection can only be used for purchasing and downloading books from Barnes & Noble. No internet, no Wikipedia, you cannot use it to connect to another online ebook store and purchase books.

The nook's WiFi connection will be useful if you carry your nook eReader into a B&N store as it will download coupons and special offers to your eReader. You can also use the WiFi to browse ebooks while in a B&N store, but you can only read each book for a maximum of one hour in a 24-hour period. These in-store features are not yet fully implemented so we don't yet know how useful they will prove to be.


One of the nook eReader's features that received a lot of press coverage is the ability to lend your ebooks to friends. Unfortunately, this feature is not as great as first thought. For one thing, publishers must opt in to let their books be loaned. Some have said they will not allow this. Also there are restrictions: you can only loan a particular book once ever, and only for 14 days. While a book is loaned out you cannot access it on your own nook.

The Kindle does not at this time allow this type of lending. However, you can share ebooks with up to 6 (it can vary by title) Kindles that are registered to the same account. This works well for multi-Kindle families. It is even possible to set up a reading club with your Kindle owning friends if you feel comfortable sharing a single credit card to register your Kindle eReaders to.

Other Features

One nice feature that the nook eReader has is a user replaceable battery. The Kindle's battery is hardwired in and therefore will need to be sent back to Amazon for replacement (). Amazon says that even after 500 charges (ten years or so) these batteries will still hold 80% charge, so this may not be an issue for most people.

The nook also accepts an SD card for additional storage. The Kindle only has its internal storage, but that is enough to hold around 1,500 books, so this may also not be an issue for you.

A nook feature that has not received any official Barnes & Noble acknowledgment is the ability to borrow ebooks from your local library if they use Overdrive's digital distribution service. To do this you need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and use that to sideload the ebook onto your nook. You can borrow an ebook from the library for 14 days, after which it will be automatically deleted. You cannot renew library ebook checkouts. To find out how useful this feature will be in your case you should check your local library website. Most libraries do not have a large catalogue of ebooks yet. Kindle does not support borrowing library ebooks at this time

The eBook Stores

No matter how attractive the hardware, an eReader's primary purpose is to read books. Since today's eReaders tend to be tied to proprietary DRM formats for current titles, you want to make sure that the hardware that you choose is backed up by the best ebook store(s).

The nook's primary ebook supplier for DRM'ed ebooks will of course be Barnes & Noble. You can also purchase DRM'ed ebooks from other online sellers that support Adobe Digital Editions. The nook is also compatible with non DRM'ed EPUB and PDF format.

With Kindle you will purchase most if not all of your DRM'ed titles from Amazon's Kindle store. Kindle also uses a few other formats for non-DRM'ed ebooks such as MOBI and PDF. Public domain ebooks are also available for the Kindle eReaders. I suspect that at some point Amazon will also have to allow EPUB compatibility for the Kindle, as there is increasing pressure for this.

Many people disparage the Kindle's being locked into Amazon's ebook store for DRM'ed ebooks. While this may be true to a large extent, the fact is that the Kindle store has more titles available than B&N and all of the online stores selling ADE format ebooks put together. In most cases Amazon's prices are less as well, although Barnes & Noble has been trying to match their prices.

If you primarily read books on the current best sellers lists you will likely be able to find these available in most formats at similar prices. The more off the beaten path your reading is however, the more likely you are to find what you are looking for at the Kindle store.

So Which eReader is Best - Kindle or nook?

If the nook eReader had not been rushed to market to make the holiday 2009 season, and if Barnes & Noble had waited until they had the software ready and the bugs worked out, then I would say that the nook would have been a very close second choice and maybe even equal to the Kindle.

In fact, the nook at present is crippled by its faulty release version software and unless B&N gets it fixed in a timely fashion the nook will be leapfrogged by the next Kindle release. Barnes & Noble has said that they are working around the clock to update the software and fix the current nook problems; and to their credit they have released a couple of updates as of this writing. However there are still lots of bugs and the nook is slower than the Kindle, which will be distracting when you are trying to immerse yourself in that next great book. In its present state the LCD screen does not play well with the e-ink screen and can be very frustrating to use.

Also, I prefer the Kindle store. My reading tastes may be different than yours however, so I would suggest you make a list of books you want to read and make a price and availability comparison between the Kindle store and B&N's offerings. Higher ebook prices can add up pretty quickly.

The Kindle's ability to connect to the internet and Wikipedia, etc. is also not to be underestimated.

I think that the nook eReader has the potential to be a great eReader and possibly equal the Kindle, but it is something of a gamble buying one now and waiting to see if Barnes & Noble can get all of the glitches fixed in time and also match the Kindle store's offerings.

Barnes & Noble Nook Vs Amazon Kindle - Which is the Best eReader?

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Printer Options For Your iPad

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about the iPad. With all of its bells and whistles, the iPeople forgot one vital component - the ability to print to any printer. Fortunately, iPad printing applications are now being introduced for printer users like you. Let's take a look at a few iPad printing options for your printer.

For Epson Printers

Sprint Store

If you use an Epson printer, you can print from your iPad using the Epson iPrint application. Initially released for the iPod, iPrint can now be used with an iPad over a WiFi connection. Epson users can get iPrint at no cost from the App Store.

Printer Options For Your iPad

For Canon Printers

If you want to print photos from your iPad to a wireless Canon printer, use the free Canon application called Easy Photo-Print for iPhone. Unfortuantely, this app will only print photos, not text.

For HP Printers

HP has a comparable free iPad app called HP iPrint Photo.

For Lexmark Printers

Lexmark printer users can use an iPad printing app called Air Sharing HD. The app costs 10 dollars and does not work with PCs - just Macs. Air Sharing HD does not access files straight from your iPad. Rather, the app communicates with a server (e.g. email account) to print a document. In other words, you can email an iPad document to yourself and then open it in Air Sharing HD to print. This app was compatible with Lexmark and Epson printers, but had difficulties printing on an HP.

Lexmark users can also purchase a direct printing app called ePrint. Again, this one is for Mac users only.

Other iPad Printing Options

One of the more well-known iPad printing applications is PrintCentral, by EuroSmartz. This app will print from any printer, including your, to a PC over a wireless connection. PrintCentral costs 10 dollars at the App Store and allows you to print web pages, images, and contacts.

These printer users can also buy Print Magic by Wellala, Inc., for at the App Store. This app allows users to print text, graphics, and web pages from your iPad.

How to Save on Printer Ink

Now that printing is increasingly accessible for iPad users, many printer users are looking for ways to save on printing expenses. The best way to decrease printing costs is to nix those expensive store-bought printer cartridges, and buy remanufactured printer cartridges instead.

Let's consider an example. A typical black printer cartridge costs around from an office supply store. A remanufactured black printer cartridge, however, will only cost around from a reliable online supplier. That's half the price - plus a satisfaction guarantee!

Remanufactured cartridges will not only save money, they also help the environment by reducing consumer waste. Consumers can feel good about using remanufactured printer cartridges because they are recycled. You'll also feel good when you see that a remanufactured cartridge works just as well, and lasts just as long, as a store-bought cartridge for double the price!

Printer Options For Your iPad

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The BlackBerry Torch 9850 VS The BlackBerry 9810

RIM, the makers of the BlackBerry handset that we have all come to know and love, have recently released the Torch 9810 that promises to be so much faster than its predecessor the 9800, giving the handset a lot more memory and a faster processing speed which can make your experience of using one of our favorite handsets so much more pleasurable.

Here's a bit about the 9850 and what it can do:

Sprint Store

· 8GB of local storage

The BlackBerry Torch 9850 VS The BlackBerry 9810

· The memory is upgradable to 32 GB if you use an SD card

· 768 Mega-bytes of RAM

· 1.2 GHz processor

· 4G - which is the latest network to be released on the market and is something that all new phones are aiming to be working on

· 3.2 inch touch screen

· 800 x 480 screen

· 640 x 480 screen resolution

· Runs on the new BlackBerry OS 7 software

· Wi-Fi enabled plus you can now make calls over Wi-Fi if your carrier will allow it

· 5 Mega-pixel camera

· Easier typing with a 'virtual key design'

The Torch 9850 is definitely a fast phone and it makes for an easier life, but it does seem that the makers of the BlackBerry are releasing a lot of handsets and although they are all very good, are they are very different from each other and if so, how?

The 9810 which is what we may call the 'Younger' version of this 9850 looks and acts pretty much the same as its older Brother even with regards to speed and the amount of memory it has (exactly the same), and although it is in its own right a very good phone it is not always compatible with certain apps due to the size of its screen and the method of input which can be a bit of a nuisance.

The 9900 has the same amount of storage as well as being roughly about the same size but it does not run on the faster operating system as the 9850, which means that it is slightly slower and although it is not considerably slower, there is a noticeable difference which has been one of the downsides to BlackBerry phones up until the 9850 was released.

If we think about the 9830 we can see that again it is not much different to the 9850, it has 8 GB of local storage and the opportunity for you to have up to 32 GB of memory should you use a micro SD card and it also has the same speed processor (1.2 GHz) but like the 9900 this model is still slightly slower thanks to its operating system.

When it comes to finding a service provider for your phone there are three main companies for you to choose from: Verizon, T-mobile and of course Sprint. Speed wise these providers are not very different although Verizon is slightly faster than the others especially when it comes to browsing, but it is not a significant difference that should worry you if you happen to go with Sprint or T-mobile. The choice is ultimately yours, but whatever provider you choose, they cannot take away the fact that the BlackBerry Torch 9850 is a faster and smoother handset that stands out from the crowd.

The BlackBerry Torch 9850 VS The BlackBerry 9810

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Need a Phone Without Contract? Best Places to Buy Phones Without a Contract Or Carrier Plan

Most of us have been tied down to a single wireless phone provider for years. We agree to their terms of agreement because we want to receive those steep discounts on new phones and don't know there are alternatives. You can buy phones without contracts and you won't necessarily be able to reap the financial rewards of signing a long-term commitment but you can change service providers or phones whenever you want.

How Can You Buy Phones Without Contract?

Sprint Store

First, you can't buy all phones without contract. The only phones you can purchase this way are GSM phones which include the phones created for AT&T and T-Mobile. Phones created for Sprint and Verizon however, are rarely available this way because they use a different mobile technology namely CDMA.

Need a Phone Without Contract? Best Places to Buy Phones Without a Contract Or Carrier Plan

Next, you have to go outside of the traditional carriers and their authorized dealers to purchase your phone. The best place to look is through online vendors. Although these stores do not have the same big name recognition, you'll find a good selection of phones that can be purchased and used without a commitment. You just slide in your SIM card and you're ready to go.

What Are the Drawbacks of Buying Phones Without Contracts?

The main drawback is price. When you sign a contract, the carrier is guaranteed to receive a lot of money from you for the next 12 to 24 months so they don't mind cutting you a deal on the cell phone price. Some phones can be purchased for free with a contract; others cost several hundred dollars less.

Another drawback of purchasing phones without a contract is that you may not be able to find the exact phone you want. Because some phones are not able to be unlocked, you cannot buy these phones without contracts. However, if you are able to purchase the unlocked phone of your choice, then you'll have more flexibility with your cell phone than you probably ever imagined was possible.

Need a Phone Without Contract? Best Places to Buy Phones Without a Contract Or Carrier Plan

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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Jump Rope Workout to Lose That Last Bit of Stubborn Body Fat

Most People Have Never Attempted a Jump Rope Workout.

When was the last time you jumped rope? For most people the answer would be back in Elementary School or possibly Junior High. It's actually too bad, because it is a very efficient form of exercise. Most people could easily walk for 15 minutes, but I would bet less than 1 percent of adults could jump rope for 15 minutes straight. Very few people, besides boxers, have ever seriously used the jump rope to achieve top condition.

Sprint Store

What Muscle Groups are Worked While Jumping Rope?

A Jump Rope Workout to Lose That Last Bit of Stubborn Body Fat

Jumping rope will seriously work every muscle in the body. I'm convinced that it will expose your weak links. After your first jump rope workout, you will be sore in many different parts of your body. Honestly, I think my entire body was sore after my first jump rope workout. I was especially sore in my calf muscles as well as my abs. As a side note I will say that jumping rope will help you in your quest to get super-ripped abs. Your core really gets worked hard since you have to use your abs to stabilize your entire body to help you propel your body through the air.

How Jumping Rope Helps Your Body Release Fat Burning Hormones.

HGH is a natural hormone that your body releases to burn body fat. You have probably seen many ads for pills that will help increase your natural levels of HGH. This was really popular about 5 years ago, but you don't hear too much about HGH anymore. A high level of HGH in your body is the quickest route to burning body fat! Unfortunately, low intensity cardio won't help your body release HGH. The best way to increase HGH is performing high intensity cardio for 30-60 seconds or so, followed by a minute or two of walking or low intensity cardio. This is called High Intensity Interval Training.

What Type of Jump Rope To Purchase?

I recommend getting a "speed rope"...these run around at most sporting good stores. They are plastic ropes without the beads. You also don't want to buy the weighted ropes. Get a jump rope that is adjustable. You are going to want to adjust the rope to an optimum level to jump quickly without hitting your head. If it is too long, you won't be able to jump at a fast rate.

How To Adjust Your Jump Rope to the Correct Height: Set your jump rope on the ground Stand on the midpoint of the rope (an equal distance between the handles) Grab the handles and pull them up to your chest while standing on the rope If the top of the handles reach above your collar bone the rope is too long If the top of the handles reach your upper abs or lower, the rope is too short I like to adjust the rope so the handles hit about 6 inches below my collar bone If in doubt, go a bit too long and shorten the rope a bit as you get more experienced
Your First Two Weeks of the Program, Learn the Skill of Jumping Rope

Most beginners "double bounce" in between rotations. This actually allows them to rest their core a bit as well as their calf muscles in between rotations and means that they have a low level of core fitness. You will want to jump cleanly in between each rotation and keep the abs and core tight.

Your arms should barely move when you jump rope. The rotation of the rope should come from wrist movement. If you want to increase the speed of the rotations, simply increase the tightness of the circles that your wrist is making (this will make more sense when you start jumping rope). The goal of your first two weeks of jumping rope is to eventually work up to a point where you can jump rope for 5 minutes solid without having to stop and start again. This means that if you have to stop because the rope hits your feet, you have to start again from zero. You also want to be able to jump rope alternating feet, so it looks like you are running while jumping rope.

A Great 15 Minute Jump Rope Workout that You Can Customize to Your Liking

Stand in front of a clock or timer of some sort Jump Rope for 3 minutes to warm up Rest for 30 seconds Jump rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds Rest for 30 seconds Jump Rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds Rest for 30 seconds Repeat this alternating pattern for 15-20 minutes

Note: For the 60 second sprint, you can do it in running fashion, you can learn how to rotate the rope twice for every one jump, etc. As you get more advanced, you will be able to make the 60 second sprint extremely intense. Also, if you want to take advantage of the fast heart rate and burn even more body fat, hit a treadmill or exercise bike for 20-30 minutes after your jump rope workout. Oh yeah...you might need a towel...you should be sweating like crazy!

Hit this Jump Rope Workout Hard and you will begin to see definition over your entire body!

A Jump Rope Workout to Lose That Last Bit of Stubborn Body Fat

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Scott CR1 Pro 2011 Road Bike Review

The Scott CR1 Pro 2011 road bike comes in just under 2500GBP, but looks very similar to the 2010 model, which had a complete makeover. In 2010 the bike was essentially made with comfort in mind and was aimed at the leisure and sportive market.

The 2011 paint job looks very similar to the 2010 bike and underneath it is the same frame as the 2010 model. In 2010, Scott like Specialized has added vibration damping into the frame. The Scott CR1 incorporates their new Shock Damping System, which is built into the front forks, seat and chain stays. The rear stays also have been shaped to bend in response to vibrations and shocks, but importantly doesn't lose the any stiffness.

Sprint Store

In reality this means that the Scott CR1 has comfort, not race dimensions, with frames having shorter top tubes and a higher head tube. This means that any rider is in a less aggressive riding position, so is better suited to long rides or excessive hours on the bike.

The Scott CR1 Pro 2011 Road Bike Review

Like many of the new frames being produced on the market today the Scott CR1 is built using Integrated Moulding, which is a process that allows the three main tubes to be moulded together in one step and seamlessly joined at the three stress points. This means less material and therefore a lighter end results as well as a stronger bond throughout the whole frame.

This bike is about lightweight construction and parts. The Naked external tubeset finish means the normal cosmetic layer you see on the outside of many frames does not need to be there. The stay and fork dropouts as well as the cables stops are made of integrated carbon. The front mech hanger is machined from a one-piece aluminum extrusion.

Scott has brought to market five models in the CR1 range. The Pro has a 6700 Ultegra groupset, Scott branded saddle and Mavic Ksyrium rims. The other models include the SL, Elite, Team and Comp.

The SL model comes with the top of the range Dura Ace groupset, Mavic Ksyrium SL rims and Continental grand prix 4000 tyres.

The Elite model comes with the SRAM Rival groupset.

The Team model comes with a full 105 groupset, Ritchey carbon seat post and a scott saddle.

The Comp come with Tiagra groupset and 105 rear mech, Ritchey carbon seat post and Velo saddle.

Overall this road bike is great for any rider looking to save time on hill climbs and be able to withstand the forces of a quick and powerful sprint. It is one of the lightest bikes out there for the price and 2011 brings it in range of many riders.

The Scott CR1 Pro 2011 Road Bike Review

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Used Triathlon Bikes Are a Bargain

Getting into any triathlon transition program may require buying a triathlon bike, or for those bargain shoppers, a used triathlon bike, or bikes.

Used triathlon bikes, like most other fitness training equipment, can probably be found at huge discounts, up to 50 percent off the original suggested retail price, at used bike stores who offer used triathlon bikes.

Sprint Store

First off, it is important to defining a triathlon bike. A triathlon bike is not unlike any other road bike in that it is suitable for all long distance riding.

Used Triathlon Bikes Are a Bargain

A triathlon bike is all about comfort and efficiency, and even looks like many ten-speed road bikes found in bike shops.

The key to finding the best in used triathlon bikes is research.

There are a number of outfits on the Internet that sell used triathlon bikes. But it may be helpful for you to try out a few at your local bike shop first.

Getting a handle on the best used triathlon bikes for you first, before buying one on the Internet at a good price is a good way to go.

Knowing what you want and what you can afford are the keys to shopping for used triathlon bikes.

Used triathlon bikes can be completely refurbished and become a great tool for anyone making their triathlon transition.

On the other hand, there are some used triathlon bikes that may not be refurbished and could cause serious problems for the triathlon trainer.

Do your homework.

Talk to some who have purchased used triathlon bikes, try them out and look on line as well.

Used Triathlon Bikes Are a Bargain

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lightyear Wireless - Is It a Legitimate Opportunity?

Ok... Your probably doing research as a result of recently talking to a friend or attending a meeting about Lightyear wireless. Unlike other reviews which have been written by distributors this one is written by an outsider who is not a member of Lightyear wireless.

Most people who reach this article do so by searching the term "Lightyear wireless scam" in order to do their due diligence on a company prior to joining.

Sprint Store

After interviewing and hearing back from a few distributors here is some key points you need consider. First of all, rest assured, Lightyear Wirelessis entirely legitimate. Lightyear Wireless parent company is Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc. which been in the business since 1997. Lighyear Wireless began operations in 2004 as Lighyear Alliance before they started concentrating on marketing wireless services through a network marketing business model.

Lightyear Wireless - Is It a Legitimate Opportunity?

This is perhaps might be why the label: Lightyear wireless scam brings questions of legitimacy.

Here are some positive points. There really is no complaints regarding the service. A customer can have unlimited talk, text and Internet for + taxes. It seems to be a good product using the Sprint Network.

Negatives which I have heard are there is only one unlimited plan offered. There is not a lot of flexibility as far as plans go. Lightyear wireless does offer individual minutes but with limitations.

Bottom line here, you have to know your market. People who are looking for the cheapest plan offered will go elsewhere. However, targeting people who want the cell phone to pay them for usage will bring greater results. Lightyear wireless is perfect for the network marketing community! Knowing how to target this community with your product and opportunity would be key to your success as a distributor.

So holding up a sign saying, "Lightyear wireless scam" is in my estimation entirely unfounded.

Lightyear wireless scam - The hidden agenda

As you have probably already noticed most who are marketing online Lightyear wireless scam claims online are nothing more than a way to promote or "bait" their own opportunity or product.

It is simply smart marketing to use the type of search terms (bait) to attract the kind of people they are trying to reach. If you noticed, it obviously worked. This should be a lesson to you on ways to reach your target market if you choose start your business.

Despite what you may have heard from a distributor or read from the company sites. Lightyear wireless products don't just sell themselves. Someone has to direct traffic to your online store. Someone needs to present the opportunity and it must be to a lot of people if you ever hope to build a successful business.

Lightyear wireless scam is Called, Target Marketing

Using a headline like "Lightyear wireless scam" is one way to deliver your message to potential prospects who are interested in learning more about this company.

Ok, now that you get a person's attention, what you do next is critical. You see, it is not always about how great the company or products are. Primarily it is about building a relationship! You share the reasons why joining you and your team would be a wise decision. Begin by letting them know what type of training you offer. Discuss the system that you and your team are using and why it works. Everything you say and do should communicate to them that you are the leader they are looking for.

Lightyear Wireless - Is It a Legitimate Opportunity?

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