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A Brief Look at Virgin Mobile

Perhaps you've already heard of Virgin Mobile, one of the most popular brands today. It is a brand that is used by different mobile phone service providers, and is based in the United Kingdom. It also has operations in Australia, India, Canada, France, the United States and South Africa.

It was briefly introduced in Singapore but was pulled out after only one year due to low sales. This was mainly because the mobile phone market in Singapore was already heavily saturated at that time. Hence, any new player in the market was bound to encounter problems attracting new customers.

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A Brief History of the Company

A Brief Look at Virgin Mobile

When it was launched in the United Kingdom in 1998, it was the world's first ever Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This means that the brand does not have its own network. Instead, it enters into a partnership with other network providers to use their existing network, while the company provides the brand which is highly popular worldwide. Each business acts as an independent entity, although there is a partnership with the Virgin Group of Sir Richard Branson. Therefore, Sir Richard Branson's company provides the brand, while the phone company provides the network infrastructure.

A Brief Look at the Worldwide Operations

In the UK, the company entered into partnership with the well-respected T-Mobile network, while in the US, the company got Sprint Nextel as their network provider. In Australia, the company utilizes the Optus network, while Bell Mobility was the network of choice for Canada.

In France, the company uses Orange SA, while it uses Cell C for their coverage in South Africa. In India, the company uses the Tata Indicom network. All these networks actually use different mobile telephone standards, which is CDMA and GSM. CDMA is used in India, Canada and the US, while GSM is used in South Africa, the UK, France and Australia.

The company is currently eyeing to open operations in Pakistan, although nothing is definite at this point.

A Brief Look at What the Company Offers

In each of the countries where it operates, Virgin Mobile provides pay as you go service for those who prefer the prepaid option when it comes to mobile phones. This means that you only pay for the service that you actually use.

If you don't make any calls or if you don't send any SMS messages, then you won't be paying for anything. This is unlike a post-paid subscription, where you choose a particular plan which comes with an allotment of number of text messages that you can send and number of minutes for talk-time that you can use. However, this post-paid option is only available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

When the company was launched in the UK, prepaid wireless service was already very popular. This was not the case when it entered the US market, although the company slowly built up a customer base due to their competitive pricing and great customer service. Now, they have a significant market share in that country.

In June 2009, the company announced that it will launch a pay as you go program for mobile data which is called "Broadband2Go" in the US. It will use hardware from Novatel Wireless, and will be originally be available exclusively in the Best Buy store chain. However, this is now available through other retailers such as the RadioShack. Broadband2Go uses a device that looks like a USB flash drive which you just need to plug into your computer to connect to the internet.

A Brief Look at Virgin Mobile

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How to Choose Between a Motorola MC55 and MC75 Handheld Device

I'm often asked for recommendations on mobile devices for proof of delivery applications and handheld data collection. If you're looking at Motorola devices, most people need help choosing between MC55, MC75 and MC9090 devices.

This article will explain what you should consider when choosing mobile devices and will highlight real-life customer examples for field data capture and proof of delivery applications.

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Before we start with criteria, it is important to understand what features you need today as well as in the future. With rugged devices, once you purchase the device, you cannot go back and add hardware options like a camera, GPS or Bluetooth. The devices we will discuss are:
MC9090 (MC909x) - these are the largest and most rugged of the 3 models. They are supported on all carrriers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile) and have the broadest range of hardware options. These are the most expensive devices. MC75 - these are mid-sized devices that Motorola targets for proof of delivery, field data capture and barcode solutions. MC55 - this is the newest member of the family, has a slightly lower level of rugged design and size than MC75's. It is the least expensive.
Questions and Criteria

How to Choose Between a Motorola MC55 and MC75 Handheld Device

You should narrow your hardware choice by asking the following questions.

Do you need cellular data? If so, what cellular carrier do you use and do you know what the data coverage is in your territories?
The reason for this is simple - some territories like the North East are completely owned by a carrier (Verizon). If someone wants T-Mobile or AT&T coverage, they need to check or consider changing carriers. The MC55 is not currently supported on Verizon, so the choice is between an MC75 and MC9000. All devices support GSM networks (e.g. T-Mobile and AT&T). Do you want want device to cover international or outside of North America? If so, you will need to only consider GSM.
If you need cellular data, are you going to do anything that requires 3G/3.5G or faster networking?
Most customers don't know the answer to this but the question becomes more clear if you are: Taking pictures - picture size can be adjusted on the mobile device, but a reasonable quality color picture would be approximately 1Mb or larger. Downloading large files, such as site plans, MSDS sheets or merchandising plan-o-grams for proof of delivery apps.

The MC55 is targeted at basic route accounting users.The MC55 vehicle cradle does not have a built-in serial port. Examples of where this applies are: serial cable connection to the vehicle GPS or JBus (vehicle diagnostics), fuel delivery meters or external communication devices. The MC75 and MC9000 vehicle cradles have a built-in serial port. Their cradle is more expensive than the MC55 cradle by approximately 0-200.
Do you need barcode scanning?
All devices support barcode scanning. The only decision is whether you need 1D/2D or long-range. 2D scanners can be helpful if you have barcodes that may get dirty or damaged. Examples of this include plant nurseries where 2D barcodes may be easier to read due to dirt on the barcode label. Long range scanners can scan barcodes up to 40' away. Long range scanners are only available on the MC909x platform. Examples of long range scanning would be scanning the barcode at the top of a warehouse rack from a forklift.
Do you need RFID?
If you need RFID, your only option is an MC9090. Note that RFID enabled devices are significantly more expensive.
Do you have specific ruggedness requirements? Will you be dealing with harsh environments?
The MC9000 is the most rugged device. It has the best drop spec (6' to concrete) and the best IP (intrusion protection) rating. The MC75 is plenty rugged and designed for field delivery applications (5' to concrete). The MC55 is close to, but not as rugged as the MC75. It is designed for the field but not for harsh environments. Examples of harsher environments would be where you work outside in the rain or dirt - such as oil field services, agriculture or bulk product delivery such as fuel, lubes, chemicals or fertilizer to tanks outside.
What size keypad do you need? What type of input will the keypad be used for? Do you need a pistol grip?
The MC55 and MC75 both have similar sized keypads. They are larger than a BlackBerry but the size of the device shell is fixed. The MC9000 comes in a short version (MC9090S), a long version (MC9090K) and a gun/pistol grip (MC9090G). The keypads on MC9000's are larger than the MC75 or MC55. If drivers use gloves (such as fuel delivery) then it would be worth comparing the MC9000 to the MC75. If you perform a lot of scanning, you should consider a pistol grip, which is only available on the MC9000.

So which device is right for you? The following highlights examples of using each type of device.

MC9090 - Bulk bleach manufacturer with 8 plants in 5 states. This customer receives bleach in rail cars and then distributes to pool supply companies, municipal water treatment facilities, paper manufacturers, etc. The bleach is loaded at the plant and the driver starts their day by scanning a barcode label on the truck (tractor), trailer and delivery ticket. They weigh the truck on an industrial truck scale and wirelessly receive the truck weight to calculate the volume of product on the truck. The driver makes deliveries to a set of customers and scans the delivery ticket, product, etc and records product quantities in each tank. The customer signs the device for proof of delivery and then prints a receipt on mobile Zebra RW420 printers. When drivers return to the plant, the driver scans and weighs again to calculate remaining volume. Once at the plant, deliveries are sent wirelessly to the goRoam server for processing and export for invoicing.
This customer selected MC9000's because they needed the most rugged device, a large numeric keypad, a larger battery to power the wifi since they use wifi for roaming throughout the plant to load products, and because they wanted a larger device so it was easier for the driver to keep track of it.
MC75 - HazMat pickup and disposal for large retailers, oil change shops, car dealers, etc. across 30 states. These drivers receive routes/stops through cellular communications while on the road. The drivers go to each stop and pickup one or many HazMat containers (waste oil, paint, chemicals, etc.). They place a barcode on the container (by hazmat product type) and record the contents of each container. This can involve a reasonable amount of data capture through the touch-screen on the handheld device as they have to complete different mobile forms depending on the pickup. Once complete, the customer signs for electronic signature capture/proof of pickup.
This customer selected the MC75 because they wanted a mid-sized device that would be easy for the driver to carry but would be rugged enough to be around hazardous materials and heavier equipment that might bang around or have the device dropped. They needed 3G network speeds to facilitate image capture. GPS is done on the vehicle but can also be captured on the handheld.
MC55 - Door-to-door surveys and canvassing on a large scale. This customer canvasses homeowners and businesses. They complete field data surveys that may contain 300-750 questions, although not all are required to be answered. When a homeowner or business needs a survey completed, the field personnel scan a barcode and take 1 or more high-quality pictures per site. They take a GPS reading and possibly make a drawing on the device to show the site. Once complete, the homeowner signs the device for proof of delivery/electronic signature capture and a receipt is automatically emailed.
This customer evaluated the MC55 and MC75, but selected the MC55 because it was less expensive. They determined they did not need the ruggedness of the MC75 or the 3G network speed since the pictures would queue and sync in the background. They wanted the smallest/lightest device since the device would be carried all day by the field personnel.

How to Choose Between a Motorola MC55 and MC75 Handheld Device

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Cardiovascular Exercise Timing Effectiveness

Cardiovascular exercise is considered doing anything from walking your dog to skating in a full speed ice hockey game. Targeted cardio is cardio done for the purpose of burning fat and retaining muscle. For most people, this can be done by taking a jog in the park or on the treadmill at your local gym. But questions normally arise as to how fast should I run and for how long? Should I eat before I run? Should I take breaks?

Using cardio to target fat loss and muscle preservation is more a matter of timing instead of intensity and duration. Targeted cardiovascular exercise for fat loss has strict guidelines for intensity depending on factors such as what time and if you do resistance training, what time you eat your meals and how many hours of sleep you get a night.

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For maximum fat loss and muscle preservation, cardio is most effective when performed at 65-75% of your maximum heart rate (220-age) for 30-60 minutes. When performed at this medium intensity, your body is less likely to burn carbs (and protein) as energy, and will turn towards fat for energy. Performing cardio at higher intensity (75-90%) will switch your body to burn carbs (glycogen) for energy to compensate for the greater requirements by the muscles as well as the cardiovascular system. Doing short interval training (less than 10 minutes) at higher intensity (75%+) will lower the demand by the muscles and burn more fat, since your heart rate will drop to the 65-75% range during rest and including up to 2 hours after high intensity training is done. More on this later.

Cardiovascular Exercise Timing Effectiveness

Since macronutrient processing is so important for energy, it is important to make sure that you are doing cardio at the right time in relation to your nutrition consumption and resistance exercise is extremely important. The body burns dietary macronutrients (calories we eat) in the order of carbohydrates, fats then protein. Doing cardio at 65-75% of MHR on an empty stomach will be most effective at burning fat. The medium intensity will have your body looking for fat as energy and on an empty stomach no dietary macronutrients will be present, so the body will turn to stored fat as its source of energy for the cardiovascular system. This environment mostly can be achieved right when you wake up and your body is in a fasted state, since you haven't eaten for around 6-8 hours (depending on sleep and nighttime meal consumption). Doing 30-45 minutes of cardio (depending on where you are in your diet/exercise routine), will burn fat stores as energy, not muscle protein.

Another good time to achieve the fasted fat burning state is after a weight training session. At this time, your body has used up all the dietary carbohydrates and fat from your pre-workout meal as energy during the resistance training of higher intensity. Now doing medium intensity cardio will keep your heart rate elevated, but will switch your body to target fat stores as energy since all carb stores are exhausted.

Word of Warning -
Doing cardio higher than 75% MHR will have your body looking to use carbs for energy. If this cardio is done while your body is in a fasted state (no dietary carbs to burn), the body will look for carbs in another form - glycogen. The only problem is that glycogen is found in muscles and burning muscle glycogen is a catabolic process, IT IS BURNING MUSCLE!!! This is not good, but there is some good news for people who don't have a choice but to exercise at high intensity (sports players, etc...) developing a defensive nutritional plan around your exercise can help keep muscle and while giving you energy during the high intensity exercise. Since you know your body will be craving carbs when your get your heart rate above 75% (normally when you start breathing heavy), it is good to supplement your body with extra carbs before and during the exercise. A pre-workout shake with plenty of complex (slow absorbing) carbs will provide your body with a constant stream of energy that your body can use instead of stored muscle glycogen. You won't necessarily be burning fat, but you will not be burning muscle! Actually, as stated above, when doing high intensity cardio exercise above 75% MHR, your heart rate will stay elevated up to 2 hours in the good fat burning zone, thus burning fat after the fact.

Another good way to prevent muscle breakdown during high intensity activities where you can control the duration is to do the exercise at intervals. This is why weight training can be considered a fat burning activity. During weight training, you elevate your hear rate for only a specific period of time (seconds). Then it lowers back into the good range while you rest. With weight training, you are stressing the muscles more than you would during a fast sprint or other high intensity interval activity, so the activity is, in itself catabolic. So it is important after doing any kind of high intensity cardio exercise, to implement post-workout supplementation (see Nutrition Tips for Anabolic Nutrient Timing Factor).

Depending on what time you work out, and your eating schedule, you could do cardio anytime during the day or night. Just plan out a schedule and listen to you body and know what's going on with your nutrition levels. Preparation is the first step towards success in Health and Fitness

Cardiovascular Exercise Timing Effectiveness

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Calorie Counter

There seem to be furthermore models of wrist watches that seem to be keeping track of calories which usually tend to be keeping track of the actual steps of which you have made when you tend to be running or sprinting. In case you wish to purchase a calorie counter watch then you definitely may choose to purchase it on the internet. On the Amazon web-site, you can find quite a few deals from that it is possible to pick the one that you like most. With just you can purchase the bestseller item which you can find inside the most important online store. The main benefit of this kind of calorie counting watch is the fact that it could be utilized by both men and women. that mean is unisex.

Another advantage of this product is that will be not just counting the calories that you are getting rid of additionally, it tells you what's your heart level. In case you decide to purchase a product such as this one then in the package you receive once you will place an order for it, you will find a user's handbook by which you will find all the information that you need to understand just how this calorie counting watch will be functioning. The only negative aspect of this watch is that you will need to replace their batteries very often, if you decide to use it every single day. What this means is that you will need to purchase electric batteries for it every 8 or 12 days.

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The least expensive watch that is having the functionality of keeping track of calories costs on the Amazon site. This watch is also having the function that you can use to calculate your heart rate. If you decide to purchase that watch,then you have to know that you get a one year guarantee, so if you should have any problems with this product or perhaps if it will not function properly in a particular moment, the company that produces it's going to promptly substitute it. You may have to make a phone call and your problem will be solved. Another thing that you must know about this product is actually that you should introduce in their system,is how old you are and also that number of weight which you have. In this way the wrist watch will be able to show you what's the perfect heart rate for your body.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Calorie Counter

You will see that in case you decide to purchase a calorie counter watch you will have quite a few advantages. The initial one is that in case in which you have established quite a few calories that you want to burn in a single day, it is possible for you to count this number without difficulty.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Calorie Counter

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Bonnell Spring Mattress

A sound sleep at night keeps everyone refreshed for the whole day. A good night sleep is very important for good health. For comfortable & undisturbed sleep, comfortable mattresses provides relaxation to our body and mind. In general terms, a "mattress" is a type of mat or pad usually placed on a bed or on the floor , upon which we sleep or lie down and a "spring" is an elastic object used to store mechanical energy.

The word "bonnell" itself means a kind of "spring" used in spring mattresses. These mattresses are manufactured using springs units. Steel springs are attached in bonnell spring mattress to each other with helical wire which gives strong spring structure. The better quality of mattresses provides better stability and flexibility which gives rise to the demand of the product globally for bedding products. Therefore right choice of mattress benefits you with perfect sleep system to support your spine cord of your body.

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Bonnell Spring Mattress provides wide array of its unique features that are as follows:
Most comfortable and supportive mattress. These mattresses are made by using finest raw material & ensuring extra support & comfort needed to the body. The number of spring used in making of the mattress makes the mattress more spung and comfortable. It provides enough room for free and easy movement. Most durable mattresses are offered in this industry. These mattress are engineered by skilled engineers and creative artisans.
Types of Bonnell Spring Mattress are as follows :

Bonnell Spring Mattress

Latex Spring Mattress: These mattresses are the most comfortable mattress that provides unsound and undisturbed sleep. These mattresses are made of various layers of natural latex that provides the ultimate softness to the mattress. Latex mattresses are the best mattress you will ever sleep on. Even these mattresses are recommended by Orthopedic Surgeons.

Firm Spring Mattress: The term "Firm" generally means which cannot be pressed easily. These firm mattress are especially made for the ones who want a firm surface to sleep. These mattresses benefits you in the following ways:
It Prevents back pain. It provides firm support to your body. It is more durable as compared to other mattress for it ensures air circulation valve. it provides maximum level of comfort & health.

These mattresses includes the following materials to make ever best Mattresses. Bonnel spring mattress is the most luxurious for any kind of bedding and furnishings of the bedroom complementing other ambiances where mattress are required like hotels, hospital, Resorts, Health care centers, etc.

"Best choice of the mattresses gives proper sleep benefiting you with better health & comfort."

Bonnell Spring Mattress

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Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Lose Belly Fat With Easy Way

Almost everyone wants to lose some excess fat on their somewhere in the body. For most, they're looking to lose belly fat and they want to lose belly fat fast! Most of us spend Overeating too many months, and then ahead of the first signs of warm weather to What is the time to remove the accumulation. Unfortunately, if you're trying to learn how to lose belly fat, which is not as fast as possible.

The problem most people, they encountered difficulties, how can we overlook to lose belly fat off their body. A fat belly is probably the most difficult areas to successfully remove because it's made up what is known as 'stubborn' fat.

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Your physical body is actually slightly different from that of fat in the abdomen, because we tend to store fat in the body fat and most in need of protection - the protection of organs and internal structures.

How to Lose Belly Fat With Easy Way

Therefore, your abdominal fat will do everything possible to seize it. Not a good situation in your pursuit to lose belly fat.

In order to outsmart this, you will have to work really hard. This does not mean that can not be done - and this can, of course, you need to do is to have realistic expectations of the time line to achieve this goal, and how much effort, it is necessary to the following.

# 1 -- lets talk about exercise to lose belly fat. First of all, hit the weights. When lifting, be sure you are lifting as heavy as you possibly can, as this is to raise your metabolism the highest. You want to shoot for the five to ten rep range, because this is the most appropriate metabolism.

# 2 -- get that cardio up there. Don't do hours on end though, focus on doing sprints. In fact, the better is to sprint first, then do more steady state cardio afterwards. This will help to release the fatty acids from the tissue, and then burn them off in the steady state cardio. This type of set-up can be more effectively at getting that stubborn fat off your body than doing a typical cardio session.

# 3 -- Check over that belly fat diet. Too much fat or carbohydrates calories will slow your progress, while protein, generally will help due to the fact the body burns more calories just digesting it.

There is no need to exceed one and a half grams per pound of body weight, but maintained a level is your best approach. Then, fill out the remainder of the calories and carbohydrates and fat during the exercise at other times.

The process as long as you be patient and continually push yourself in the gym, there is no reason why within time, you can't be sporting your own set of six-pack abs.

How to Lose Belly Fat With Easy Way

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

7 Ways To Get Your Body Ripped For Summer

1. Lift Weights to Build and Tone Muscle

Increasing your muscle mass and tone will accelerate body-fat loss. When your muscles grow the demand on your body's energy resources increase. Therefore your metabolism starts running at a higher rate burning more calories during rest and while you exercise.

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Muscles require a lot of energy to:

7 Ways To Get Your Body Ripped For Summer

- Fuel their normal function in rest

- To power the 3 main energy systems with ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate; the energy molecule), Glycogen (a string of Glucose molecules) and Adipose Tissue (Fat) during exercise

- To replenish energy stores after exercise when the muscles are drained and facilitate the sustained hyperactivity of the muscles chemistry

Bigger and stronger muscle also enhances your bodies' ability to perform and sustain high intensity exercise. This in turn can increase the potential calorie burning effect of your workout.

2. Perform Low Intensity Sustained Exercise

Have you ever noticed someone who is overweight pounding away day after day on the treadmill sweating and panting but never really getting anywhere? I certainly have. This is because of a fantastically great misconception that I can't believe still exists today: The harder you go on the cardio the more fat you burn! I'm afraid not. If you learn about the basics of the human body and how the energy systems work you find out that it is in fact the opposite.

Fat burning occurs and peaks during sustained low intensity exercise in the presence of oxygen. This means that when energy is required quickly for short or medium bursts of intense exercise ATP and Glycogen becomes the source of that energy. They can be used instantly and without oxygen resulting in a by-product that everyone has experienced, Lactic Acid. Anaerobic Exercise predominately uses these fuels during brief periods that cannot be sustained. Aerobic Exercise utilises fat as the dominant fuel because the low amount of intensity is sustainable allowing blood supply to the muscles that is rich in oxygen, fats' catalyst.

So what does this mean for all you lovely people out there? If you want to concentrate on burning fat during cardio-vascular exercise drop the intensity to a level where your breathing rate increases but you can still have a fairly normal conversation with someone. A more scientific approach would be:

Get the number 220, take away your age to get your maximum heart rate (MHR), multiply that number by 0.65 (the fat burning range) and use the answer as your target heart rate (THR) during cardio-vascular exercise. Example;

220 - 26 = 194

194 x 0.65 = 126 beats per minute (BPM)

Maintain this heart rate for 30 minutes to 1 hour to hit your peak fat burning range. If you are fit however, I'd increase it by 10 BPM as your bodies' chemistry and response to exercise are more developed.

3. Cut Out Excess Calories and Pleasure Foods

I'm not talking about dieting because to me that word sounds temporary and unsustainable. I'm talking about a sensible and attractive lifestyle change that is logical and positive. You don't need all that crap. Eating certainly needs to be enjoyable but eating in excess of what your body really needs is unacceptable 90 percent of the time. Do yourself a favour and put food into perspective.

Food only exists to fuel, nourish, maintain and rebuild the body. Humans have made eating a way of life and we let it get out of control treating ourselves constantly to food that is very high in empty calories and low in nutrition. Junk food tastes good but is that short few minutes of pleasure really worth deteriorating the function and capability of your body?

Good food tastes good. I think that there is just as much pleasure and satisfaction or even more out of supplying your body with nutritious foods as there is with eating fast foods, desserts, sugar and chocolate. If you have a great training session a healthy protein drink or a steak and salad is what you feel like because that is what is going to support the desired outcomes of your exercise routine. Lollies or candy will do nothing positive and makes you feel gross afterwards.

If you think about the big picture and you want to get the most out of your life you MUST look after the ONLY body that you have. How on earth can people justify owning an expensive car or boat or whatever, spending time and money on maintenance, repairs, supplies, services and accessories giving it the best of everything while they only supply their own bodies with sub-standard fuel? Cars and other toys are replaceable and only needed a few hours of each day. You CAN'T replace your body. You need it all day every day until you leave this world. It's your best friend and should the priority receiving everything it requires for peak performance.

I always suggest that one day a week everyone should consider letting their guard down and eating something nice and naughty but for the rest of the time you must eat healthy, fresh, nutritious varied food. It's a crime not to and will only lead you down a negative path.

Enough preaching. Here are some suggestions to help shed unwanted body-fat through your eating habits:

i. The food and exercise equation

First there is an element of experimentation. You need to find out how to balance and manipulate the equation between the food that you eat and the exercise that you perform. This can be simplified further by calling it ENERGY IN and ENERGY OUT. Increase or decrease one or the other to make your bodyweight go up or down.


- if you eat more and exercise less your bodyweight will go up

- if you eat less and exercise more your bodyweight will go down

- if you are at a point where your food intake and exercise output balance each other your bodyweight will remain the same

Work out the extent of change you need to apply to change your bodyweight.

ii. Increase your meal frequency and decrease your meal size.

If you eat three large meals a day you receive an uneven spread of calories and energy. This can affect you in the following ways:

- Slowing down of the metabolism ( the bodies total demand for energy and ability to burn it)

- A lack of energy due to the large meal gaps

- Storing of excess calories as body-fat from the large meals

- Sleeping on a full stomach again promoting body-fat storage

If you eat 5 to 7 smaller meals throughout the day all these point can be turned around increasing your metabolism and facilitating exercise and normal function.

iii. Don't eat complex carbohydrates or junk-food after lunch.

Eat foods that are dense in energy early in the day for a sustained release of energy throughout the rest of the day. As you get closer to sleeping you need nutritious foods, such as salads and stir-fried veges, lean meats and fish, that provide less energy because excess calories will be unused and stored as fat. Dinner should also be a smaller meal than it traditionally is to aid this. Breakfast and lunch should be the larger meals as they are the energy providers for your day and any exercise that you do.

iv. Drink lots of water.

Water is the catalyst for every function and chemical reaction in the body. If you keep yourself hydrated it will assist you in many roles such as body-fat loss. You can train harder and longer maintaining a healthy internal environment by keeping up the blood volume reducing pressure on the cardio-vascular system. The sodium and potassium concentrations of the muscles will remain balanced promoting healthy muscle contraction. Drinks lots of water to exercise properly and stay healthy. Adequate water supplies will speed up all the processes within the body including fat metabolism.

v. Avoid.

Pasta, bread, buns, oats, cereals, white rice, noodles, potatoes, mash, chips, pumpkin, couscous, polenta, pastry, alcohol, junk-food, snack-food, desserts, pizza, crumbed stuff, batter, oil, butter, sugar, salt, MSG, cheese, fast food and fried food especially after lunch.

vi. Eat.

Salads, vegetables, fruits and herbs of many colours. Fresh, raw, organic and cooked foods. Fish, beef, chicken, tofu, lean lamb, protein drinks and supplements.

Do what is best for your health and enjoy it.

4. Perform Your Cardio First Thing In The Morning

Perform your fat-burning cardio exercise first thing in the morning before you have breakfast. There will be no food in your system to use as energy and the glycogen stores in muscles and liver won't be utilised if the exercise intensity is low (where it should be). Glycogen is limited and will deplete leaving fat as the primary fuel. Keep yourself well hydrated with water but don't have breakfast until after you have finished your 30 minutes to 1 hour of cardio. Fat will be maintained as the dominant fuel source.

5. Cut Down Rest Time Between Sets

Weight training is traditionally performed with approximately a minutes rest between sets or even longer. I think that most people rest for too long losing potential workout intensity and other possible benefits. I recommend 30 seconds to 1 minute and often less or none!

Reasons for reducing rest time between sets include:

- Increased exercise intensity through continual muscular stimulation whilst fuel stores are depleted. Limiting rest time forces the muscles to work extra hard as their energy stores do not have time to replenish. The blood also cannot deliver oxygen rapidly enough to retard lactic acid accumulation.

- An increased cardio-vascular effect produced because the body moves continually from one exercise to another taxing the heart and lungs. So you not only facilitate muscle strength, growth and tone you also improve heart and lung fitness.

- Improved fat-burning effect with the sustained exercise during the workout and in recovery afterwards. More calories are burned training in this manner.

- Enhanced body chemistry through increases in oxygen delivery, lactic acid removal and energy repletion.

How to decrease rest time during your workout:

- Utilise agonist/antagonist supersets. This is where an exercise is performed for a muscle followed immediately by an exercise for the opposing muscle group

- Utilise pre-exhaustion supersets. This is where an isolation exercise (single-joint) is performed to specifically fatigue a muscle followed immediately by a compound exercise (multi-joint), which uses additional fresh muscles, to further fatigue the target muscle

- Perform circuit-type training where there is little to no rest for the entire workout

- Be focussed and motivated and hungry

6. Perform Sprint Workouts

Twice a week take yourself to a sports field or flat park and mark out a 100 metre length. Complete a 10 minute jog and 10 minutes of stretching focussing on the legs. Perform a run at 50%. Walk back. Perform a run at 75%. Walk back. Perform up to 10 runs at 100% walking back slowly each time to recover.

This type of intense anaerobic exercise will:

- Alter the chemistry of the bodies energy systems forcing them to work harder and faster

- Increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR) burning more energy at rest

- Change the muscle fiber composition of the muscles training them to be stronger, more powerful and able to work at higher intensities for longer

- Cause more fat to be burnt during recovery

7. Use Variety In Your Cardio And Fat Burning Program

I've talked about using variety to get the most out of your weight training and while it's not as frequently required with cardio-vascular exercise it still needs to be implemented. Instead of using the treadmill for 40 minutes every try one of these mediums:

- Rowing Machines

- X-Trainers

- Stair Climbers and other machines

- Circuit Classes

- Barbell Classes

- High Energy Classes

- Boxing and Martial Arts Classes

- Spin Classes and other group fitness activities

- Team Sports

- Dancing

- Walking, Jogging, Running

- Cycling, Swimming

- Other dynamic pastimes, games, sports and activities

Changing your routine regularly will keep your body stimulated achieving constant improvement. It's also fun and will keep you interested.

7 Ways To Get Your Body Ripped For Summer

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